Light Sabers Salute Visitors to Star Wars Home Theater
June 13, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The sights and sounds of Star Wars’ famed weapons spring to life, in sync.
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Posted by Michael Mathis  on  06/14  at  10:31 AM

Efficient design. Too bad they chose a cheap, dated oak for the accent wood.

Posted by Tom  on  06/14  at  11:02 AM

Nice looking theater, but the light sabers seem out of place with the neutral colors and wood grain.  Star Wars is about dark colors, and metal.

The surround speakers in the ceiling are probably a compromise in function vs. aesthetics since they should be at the sides, but that is a different story.

So, clean looking room and great light saber collection, but they don’t seem to mesh in this install, unfortunately.

Posted by Emersive Audio Video  on  06/14  at  12:15 PM

I agree with Tom above but I do think its a pretty cool idea. I would have modified the light sabors so that they were not battery powered and that I can control them with my autiomation system. think about how cool that would look as they ramped down as the system / movie starts up and how they would look when they 1st ramp up after a movie, especially if they are watching star warz :) I would NOT have used in ceiling/wall speakers in that theater. I see lots of rooms that use in walls for sound in theaters and I am not a proponent of that at all. As a loudspeaker designer I have small screen arrays that could be placed behind the screen when its a must not to see speakers. But I think in most of these systems floor standing speakers for the front sound stage is not that objectional at all. It is a theater after all.
Overall its a great job, every one of use system designers / integrators does things different other wise every room would look the same!

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