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LG Launches Curved OLED TV at Best Buy Magnolia Stores
July 22, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The $15K 55EA9800 is the first 55-inch OLED TV in the U.S.
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Posted by Tom Farinola  on  07/29  at  12:33 PM

This is really ridiculous and bad marketing on LG’s part but time will tell. The experts in marketing hi-end products is the boutique audio video establishment. Why would you release a new product like this and have every Hi-end integrator and boutique store advising their clients to either not buy it or wait ?
  Ask Panasonic if providing exclusivity with the ZT series plasma was successful ?  You won’t be able to answer that question till the end of the year, as you probably are aware Panasonic did the same thing as LG. giving Best Buy / Magnolia exclusivity to the ZT Series the 1st 90 days. Now we get the ZT Series starting August 1st.  That was a different market segment and a price point. Speaking personally and I know I am not the only one, but all of my clients who were a ZT Series prospects is either waiting till I have inventory or bought something else. Again I think this was a bad move for Panasonic !
  Boutique Audio Video companies have loyalty to manufacturer’s and product quality unlike the big box movers or the Internet so why does manufacturers’ continue to give them the high end product first ???
  From the mind of ” Just Ask Tom ”

Posted by Lorenzo Martinez  on  07/29  at  07:06 PM

It’s a “THIN” lightweight TV, ready to be hung on a wall, right? NO,  it sits on a PERMANENT base, unable to be hung. I know LG doesn’t want to be a Samsung wannabe anymore, but make something practical, not comedic.  It’s an overhyped 55” TV with a slight curve that sits on a table for $15,000. A piece of art, maybe, but that’s all.
Thanks for your insight Tom!  I think you held your tongue very well.

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  07/30  at  09:44 AM

Tom and Lorenzo, you may be interested in this post:

Posted by Tom Farinola  on  07/30  at  10:07 AM

Grant - Considering the street price for LG’s 84” 4K Tv is $15,000.00 why would someone want to buy a $15,000.00 Tv that isn’t 4K ( Yes the NEW standard ) can’t be wall mounted, poor viewing radius, unknown reliability ....Really !!! Their are special applications and most of the dealers with these types of clients won’t see this Tv till they have acces to it….Now if LG had created the 55” in an anamorphic type design that night of been a different story ?

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