Kaleidescape Adds DRM to Blu-ray Copying
May 11, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
New M-Class players let users copy Blu-ray discs onto Kaleidescape media server, but the disc must be in the tray in order to play it.
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Posted by Aaron  on  05/11  at  09:27 AM

What a joke!  They might as well just allow people to put their Sony megachangers on the Kaleidescape interface, cause that’s all their doing in the future.  This (and the studios) are completely missing the point.

Posted by Paul  on  05/11  at  10:55 AM

@Aaron, I think you are the one missing the point. 
Kaliedescape needs a Blu-ray changer that has a LOT of extra goodies that are strictly to keep the corporate lawyers off their backs.  While I’m sure that K-sacpe wishes

While this is going to represent another box (or 5) in an equipment rack, so the physical discs are present, compared to the price of a K-scape system / install as a whole, it’s a very small additional price to pay.  Plus, all of those discs needed to be stored somewhere in the home anyway, and this way, they are all in a common location.

While I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment that this is not the solution we need, if it will satisfy the studio’s, MPAA, and whatever other legal entities need to be satisfied, I’d do it just to have a legal solution that is not a homebrewed setup.

Posted by Paul  on  05/11  at  11:02 AM

Sorry, they need an edit button.

I’m sure K-scape wishes that someone had a pre existing changer already made that would satisfy all of the legal beagles.  Fact is that there isn’t one out there that can do everything that’s required.  I don’t think the required ‘stuff’ is going to be something that can be addressed by a firmware update.

Posted by Aaron  on  05/11  at  11:21 AM

Paul: I really can’t understand what you’re trying to say. Sorry.

What I was trying to say, was that this really isn’t any different (to the user) than what Escient is doing with the Sony megachangers.  Sure Escient isn’t ripping the disc to a hard drive, but to me what’s the point of that.  The disc has to be in the tray still.  All the Kaleidescape gives me is the ability to go straight into the movie, yay.  Escient and others have been able to do this for years, and Kaleidescape is stating this is the great new thing coming out in the next couple of years?  Come on.  They charge way too much for their product, I know the interface is nice but geez.

And that’s what the “future” holds for kaleidescape, for now this isn’t any different than having a stand-alone blu-ray player in each room.  Most places have a central location in the house for all the equipment, you think I’d want to walk across my 15k square foot house and put in a disc so I can watch it on the other side of the house?  Just put a stand-alone blu-ray player in each room.

The way Kaleidescape handles dvd’s is great, they just need to do the same for blu-ray discs and challenge the morons of the MPAA in court.  Or, just put their interface on top of the Sony megachangers and be done with it.

Posted by JC  on  05/11  at  11:57 AM

@Aaron: I totally agree. It seems to me that Kaleidescape wants to generate more profits by going with their own system instead allowing you to connect a 400 Disc Blu-ray player. Also I wonder what kind of internals does the K system blu-ray have. Does it even rival the Oppo or Pioneer? Is it basically a low end blu-ray player but they hike up the price just because its a Kaleidescape?

Posted by Tom Barnett  on  05/11  at  12:06 PM


The Kaleidescape disc loader is unlike a Blu-ray Disc changer. When you insert a Blu-ray Disc, the contents are imported to the hard drives of the Kaleidescape movie server. You can then play the movie from any room in the home with an M500 or M300 player. The disc loader does not need to spin around to play the movie, because it’s played from the hard drive.

Five different people could be watching five different movies, or watching the same movie at different points in the film.

With a Blu-ray Disc changer, you’re limited to watching the movies in a single room, because there is only one video output and only one disc transport to play the movies from. And rotating the carousel each time the movie starts is slow and can lead to breakdowns.

Tom Barnett
Kaleidescape, Inc.

Posted by Aaron  on  05/11  at  12:34 PM

Tom: That’s great.  Really.  We all know the Kaleidescape is a great machine and the interface is really nice.  We also know it does many things other servers don’t.

However, we’re arguing over minor features compared to the main idea of media servers: the ability to rip or store media to a hard drive and then play it over a network whenever you want to without getting up to put a disc in the tray.  Sure, you could have 5 different movies playing, but you’d need to first put 5 different discs into 5 different players.  Which falls short of the main idea. 

It’s like designing a super lightweight car with amazing materials but still needing a horse to pull it around:)

My advice Tom: I know what it’s like to have the limited resources that you have (I work in a small business as well).  I also know that you have major litigation concerns which impact the bottom line.  So I propose that a ‘hack’ somehow finds it’s way onto the internet which allows blu-ray playback without a disc in the tray for all Kaleidescape products ;)

Posted by Mark  on  05/12  at  05:47 PM

Come on Kaleidescape what is the point of having the disk in the tray? This is laughable, spend more money for less.

Posted by Jason  on  05/18  at  01:53 PM

Without the disc loader, this is a barely workable solution, which ranges from no better to probably quite a bit worse than having an individual blu-ray player wherever you want to watch a movie.

With the disc loader, it actually realizes some of the promise of a media server, but clearly is vastly over-engineered to comply with overreaching companies backed by overreaching laws.

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