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JBL Controls Airwaves with Wireless Speakers
January 18, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
On Air Control 2.4G wireless speakers get rid of the cord clutter, making them perfect for wall mounting.
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Posted by nick  on  01/19  at  09:55 AM

“wireless speakers get rid of the cord clutter”? So how are they powered? Invisible power cords? Tesla coils?

If they’re for wall mounting (as the press release notes), I’d much rather run new speaker cabling than AC circuits.

Posted by Rachel  on  01/19  at  10:19 AM

Sadly, they are not superhero speakers. I guess you will have a bit of clutter to contend with. They are better suited as a second pair of speakers, operating on the 2.4GHz frequency.

Posted by Nick J  on  01/19  at  06:10 PM

From these two comments, I’m assuming all wireless speakers to date require AC power (not surprisingly) cords, even if wireless otherwise. For people wanitng to wall- or ceiling- mount speakers in all-concrete high rise condos, this presents a cosmetic challenge.  What is the best solution for someone who wants minimal cord-on-wall effect but good sound quaility in such a situation?

Posted by Mark  on  01/19  at  08:00 PM

“I’d much rather run new speaker cabling than AC circuits. ” ????  I don’t think so. Imaging if you are trying to bring your music from living room audio equipment to your bed room. AC cord is much easy and save (remove the risk that your kid might trip over the speaker cables)

Posted by Nick  on  01/21  at  04:01 PM

Mark, I fully agree that when using these as extension speakers, going with wireless transmission is the easiest choice by far. My comment was in regards to release that points out that you’d get “rid of wire clutter” by using these wall mount speakers that they say are great as surround speakers. So again, I prefer to run two vertical wire runs inside a wall instead of installing two wallmount recessed AC outlets.

It appears to be a good product, I’m simply taking exception to how it’s being marketed.

Posted by Rachel  on  01/21  at  07:26 PM

I just want to point out… the company did not write anything about eliminating cord clutter. That is something I added to try to make it “slightly” more entertaining than a press release.

While there are no speaker cables hanging, you do need AC power to operate this product.

Posted by Nick  on  01/21  at  10:37 PM

Rachel, thanks & your point is taken. Their press release does not mention cord clutter. I had blended your article with their press release, whoops!

Appreciate your wanting to liven up their prose!

Posted by Rachel  on  01/21  at  10:47 PM

I try! They can be so boring sometimes…


Posted by David in Kona  on  01/26  at  01:36 PM

I’m interested in using them to broadcast from my computer which is in my bedroom and have them plugged into my kithchen. Any input would be appreciated.


Posted by Andrew  on  05/25  at  09:57 AM

CRITICAL Point: These speaker can not be used for rear speaker applications they have to much delay over 30ms and so it will cause major issue with surround sound.  Make sure when you buy wireless speakers that they do not have more than 40ms of delay between the send and receive units.  Also if you walk between the sender and receiver it cuts out and causes a pop.

Posted by Marco  on  05/16  at  04:29 AM

the transmission is easily jammed by walls. The master speaker must stay in the proximity of the transmitter with no walls or objects in between.

Posted by Morata Eric  on  05/11  at  08:00 AM

THESE SPEAKERS ARE RATHER FAMOUS and full of “realism” it’s simply JBL and sound from pro systems, state of the art technology from a real factory witch built it’s own speakers.

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