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ISPs: The Best Speed for Your Money
May 30, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Unsure how much internet speed you need? Here’s a look at what the major providers have to offer.
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Posted by SteveG  on  05/30  at  09:14 AM

What about naked DSL? I don’t bundle my DSL with phone service, so I have a dry loop connection (no phone), DSL from Verizon and phone from Vonage. The DSL is about $45 a month - for 3meg down and 368 up (same as Verizon High- Speed Internet Power).  Does anyone know if you can get similar on ATT?

Posted by PNightmare  on  05/30  at  09:20 AM

Cool, now I have an idea of how fast my internet is

Posted by PT  on  05/30  at  09:29 AM

FiOS also offers a business package - I’m getting a 20mb/20mb connection in Manhattan for $99/month with 1 fixed IP address; 4 extra fixed IP addresses are an additional $20/month. So for $119/month I’m essentially getting 1/2 a T3, with the ability to host DNS, WWW, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, etc.. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Posted by KevinJ  on  05/30  at  09:33 AM

I looked into it with AT&T;and was not able to get them to setup a dry loop DSL.  The closest I was able to come was getting the agent to give me the absolute cheapest telephone service (California Lifeline) - less then 3 dollars a month for a phoneline I will never use :S

Posted by Chris Miller  on  05/30  at  09:34 AM

I don’t know how you collected these rates, but I’m paying about $39 for FiOS (Albany, NY) with 20 Mbs down/5 Mbs up and did not have to pay for any installation charges.

Posted by RichieSakai  on  05/30  at  09:42 AM

Yeah you can get the same thing from ATT for a little less per month. I have dry loop DSL 3MB down 512K up for $34.95 a month. The only drawback (and it’s a big one) ATT customer service is the worst in the world! I placed an order for installation in January and it wasn’t installed until April because of errors on their part. To make matters worse, they don’t keep notes on tech support calls so you have to start from the beginning every time you call. Hold times are rediculous because they are understaffed. I could go on and on. ATT sucks but I would go without internet if it meant getting Comcast.

Posted by Darlene McCord  on  05/30  at  10:27 AM

I was wondering when FIOS would be available everywhere, not just in those 16 states.

Darlene McCord

Posted by SteveG  on  05/30  at  10:48 AM


You can get some information here

Hope that helps.

Posted by Bret  on  05/30  at  10:57 AM

1.5 Mbps - $16.96/month

Posted by Tes  on  05/30  at  11:38 AM

In Staten Island NY I pay only $92 a month for 50Mb/20Mb FiOS internet service.  30Mb/15Mb(or was it 10Mb up) was only $49.99 when I first subscribed to the service a year ago.  I have yet to have an outage or equipment failure (knock on wood).  It’s an excellent value for the money.

Posted by matt  on  05/30  at  11:43 AM

Even thought it’s only in one state (Utah), anything on the municipal fiber networks allows you 15Mbps for $40month (up and down) and if you’re on Utopia’s network, you can get 50Mbps up/down for $60/month.
A lot of people have really criticized the networks, but I love mine…

Posted by KEN  on  05/30  at  01:12 PM

I was wondering why QWEST BroadBand service been not listed under the DSL comparison charts?

Posted by Jeff  on  05/30  at  01:22 PM

MediaCom cable is close to $60 a month for 5mb, but it fluctuates and loses connection so much, it’s not worth it, after this I’m leaving for DSL.

Posted by fini  on  05/30  at  02:02 PM

yea staten island does get better fios packages because of the competition with time warner. I have yet to switch to fios because don not like their hardware, i have had a lot of friends experience alot of prolems due to ###### routers that verizon uses. I know u can hook up ur own router, but it takes a lot of time with tech support to get it configured right, and if u r using coax throughout ur house due to underground cabling then u have to use the verizon hardware.

I still have road runner, the standard version, and while i do hit 10mbps down most of the time i do not get the 1mbps up like your chart shows, actually time warner’s staten island website shows only 512kbps up and im lucky if i get that, its usually more like 300kbps to around 400kbps.

Posted by Casey  on  05/30  at  02:40 PM

Verizon’s fios service was great when I first signed up. 34.99 for 5mb/2mb. Now after two rate increases (to 39.99, and now 47.99), the bargain is losing its’ luster.

Posted by Mads Larsen  on  05/30  at  09:56 PM

you guys have silly slow broadband.

Posted by Rob  on  05/30  at  11:45 PM

please explain to me why “Cable” and “Fiber” are 2 different categories.

that’s like splitting up “Dial-up” and “Cat3”

Posted by m  on  05/31  at  07:01 AM

Have Fios 20/5 connection , love it best bang for my buck, I use my own wireless router with no need of “a lot of time with tech support to get it configured right”, customer service has been good and the speed is amazing

Posted by jriihi  on  05/31  at  08:25 AM

Wow.. so this is US packages.. Where is basic adsl2+ 24/1 Mbit - 24/3 Mbit connections? ADSL seems to be lot slower than here.

Posted by dimwit  on  05/31  at  01:39 PM

“please explain to me why “Cable” and “Fiber” are 2 different categories.”

because cable is rj11/rj6 and fiber is the “F” in fios. apple and oranges my friend.

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