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Is Toshiba Finally Dumping HD DVD?
February 15, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The rumor is that Toshiba could close this case in a matter of weeks.
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Posted by OVC  on  02/15  at  11:19 AM

LOL @ HD DVD, for the third time.

Posted by Jerry  on  02/15  at  02:32 PM

I wouldn’t be surprised if Paramount went to them a day or two ago and told them that they were planing on going back to Blu-ray.  Also they can drop the prices all they want because you have to ask yourself is it really worth buying either an HD-DVD player or movies if say in 5 to 10 years from now there is no more HD-DVD players or companies making parts and the one you have dies then all that money spent on a technology that no longer exists may not have been the best decision at the time.  Save your money people the odds aren’t good that anything from HD-DVD will be around that much longer except on e-bay.

Posted by KPM  on  02/15  at  02:42 PM

LOL @ OVC, for the first time.

It’s unfortunate that consumers will not be able to benefit from a format that has consistently offered, and continues to offer, so much more to consumers for less cost.

HD DVD has always been the better format - just not the most popular.  Most popular does not always equal better… in fact, it is probably rare that the majority actually picks what is best.

It is to be expected that those who favor what’s more popular, not better, to laugh at what is not the most popular.  But there will be plenty of opportunity for the less popular format to grin in coming months and years as those trying to use the popular format have to deal with its inherent shortcomings… and have to wait for the more popular format to someday, maybe, reach the functionality that HD DVD has had since day one in every player.

Alas, many of those “enjoying” the popular format today and in the future will never know what they missed out on as HD DVD leaves the market.

And it is only their ignorance that will allow them any true bliss.

I’m still looking forward to getting T2 on HD DVD this March from Germany with features I may never see on any Blu-ray title (and I’ll be able to enjoy it on any HD DVD that has ever sold).

Now that shows the priority that those behind HD DVD have put on customer satisfaction.

Thank you Toshiba, and all companies who have contributed to HD DVD’s success in providing a superior product at a reasonable and affordable cost from day one - truly a success that Blu-ray will never have the ability to claim.

Posted by wtf  on  02/15  at  02:58 PM

Wow KPM, you sound like your best friend just died or something… *wipes away a tear*

Its just a movie format, dude…don’t jump or anything!!


Posted by KPM  on  02/15  at  03:27 PM

sniff, sniff…

Thanks wtf… I’m glad that you care enough to see right through my disguised sorrow over the loss of a home video format to see my true need: a cookie.


Posted by goodswipeHD  on  02/15  at  05:53 PM

Yea, I’ll be glad when they stop running these articles so we don’t have to read OVC’s lame ### comments.

Sorry WTF but, KPM is right. It’s sad that all you guys would rather support a non user friendly format, infested with DRM. Not to mention, Blu-ray just cost more - doesn’t make any sense.

Oh well, when all the prices on Blu-ray hw and media jump sky high, the HD DVD camp will be the ones laughing.

Posted by Jeff Kalman  on  02/15  at  10:15 PM

Well, while I feel bad for anyone that threw all they had into HD-DVD, I can’t say you weren’t warned before hand that one side would necessarily have to lose…

Posted by MEL C  on  02/16  at  01:14 AM


Posted by James  on  02/16  at  07:41 AM


All that money?  I’ve spent 140 bucks for an HD DVD player and 10! movies.  How much have you spent on bluray!?


Posted by Jeff Kalman  on  02/16  at  08:58 AM

James, well obviously I wasn’t referring to you…  Do you often take things personally when they don’t apply to you?

There are a lot of folks out there who went crazy and bought almost every movie that came out.  My post was obviously meant for them and not for people who only bought a couple of videos and a cheap player…

Posted by Aaron  on  02/16  at  10:12 AM

It’s official now.  Toshiba has stopped production of HD-DVD players and recorders, stopped development of HD-DVD, and is withdrawing from the market.

News announced in Japan and picked up by Reuters today February 16, 2008:

Posted by Aaron  on  02/16  at  10:29 AM

Reuters also gets independent confirmation from a Toshiba source:

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/16  at  10:31 AM

Hey Aaron: That report sounds like it’s from the same sources as this one. Not saying it’s not coming… I just wouldn’t take that as an “official” announcement. We need a name!

Posted by Aaron  on  02/16  at  10:48 AM

Here’s a direct translation from the Japanese TV broadcast:

“… “Toshiba” that initiated “HDDVD” completely stopped the production of equipment advanced at the factory in the Aomori prefecture now, and decided the policy of withdrawing from the business. As for sales of the equipment in the shop, it is expected that new development is scheduled to be discontinued…”

Posted by Aaron  on  02/16  at  10:55 AM


The initial announcement on Japanese TV resulted in a Reuters comment that they tried to contact Toshiba and got no response.

The other Reuters story says that they (Reuters) have now been given info from a source within Toshiba.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/16  at  11:17 AM

I hear you… and as I said, I am sure it’s coming, but without a real name and a real press release, it’s not an official announcement.

TMZ has all kinds of crazy stories with “sources” too. Like I said, I am sure it’s coming, but this is not an official announcement.

Sounds like it could be coming sooner than expected though.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  02/16  at  01:08 PM

Here’s a translation of the NHK report.

The company said it will continue to sell HD-DVD products for a while but will stop further development of HD DVD. Meanwhile, it said its DVD factories in Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, would be closed.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/16  at  01:29 PM

I am just saying… no one specifically from Toshiba is quoted. Until that comes, I don’t consider any of this to be “official.” I am sure it’s coming soon though.

Posted by Aaron M  on  02/19  at  12:13 PM

Official announcement to the public by Toshiba has now been made.

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