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Integrated Control vs. Multiple Apps for Home Automation
August 13, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Is it better to load your smartphone with separate control apps or use one integrated system?
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Posted by Vincent - Total Control Remotes  on  08/13  at  12:22 PM

It is our opinion that it is much more preferable to have one app or an integrated app instead of numerous apps to control a device or service in a home.  However, it is more important to select a proper control system that allows jumping from inside a control app to a third party app, then back again.  Many companies like Bitwise Controls are doing this now and many others are following.  In the event that the client prefers and app over an integrated app for whatever reason, it is great that we can make is as seamless and easy as possible to transition.

Posted by mark  on  08/16  at  11:52 AM

“bringing all your apps together under one control system shouldn’t cost much more than having your CE pro set up a slew of free individual apps”

Never heard anything so ridiculous. Sure, if the integrator is WRITING the apps, it’ll costs about the same. If he’s just installing off the shelf apps on a smartphone/tablet and you’re being charged the same as a HA system, you’re being ripped off big time. How can installing an App cost the same as Control4/Crestron/Elan/Savant/other system + programming? These all require hardware and programming.

Further, an integrator cannot “coordinate the look and feel of five or six individual apps” unless he’s written them or has the source code.

I agree with Vincent from URC. One app is by far the best. That said, although, I can control everything in my house with one app, I will switch to a specific app (like Sonos) for doing more detailed things like *creating* a playlist. I just use my HA systems for basic media transport control, vol, mute, etc. for Sonos. Switching to their app is just better for some stuff.

Posted by mark  on  08/16  at  11:53 AM

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