Inside Eli Manning’s Automated Condo
elimanning condo
January 23, 2012 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
In 2008 EH visited the home of Giants’ QB Eli Manning. Now with a repeat match up, we revisit this story about his Crestron-controlled home.

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Posted by GintsFan  on  10/08  at  09:15 AM

Seems like a guy at took your photos, put his own logo on top of them.  Better check it out.

Posted by Stan Tecza  on  10/15  at  02:07 PM

Hey Eli,  If your reading this and want a photo of Stahan as a giant in uniform for the last time ever I have that shot. I was in Pheonix and snapped it as he walked off field into the tunnel for last time ever in uniform….

Posted by Ebeth  on  10/15  at  02:37 PM

ELi Manning is a great quarterback but his multi million dollar condo looks like an Executive Suites Hotel furnished by Ikea.
This is the cheesiest, tackiest looking apartment Ive ever seen.
I suppose if your decorating objective is to avoid turning on and off lights you can look the other way on the white plastic blinds and the white plastic “hidden bar” column.  But Go Giants anyway.

Posted by TollFan  on  10/15  at  03:56 PM

I know this building well and I am glad to finally see the inside of this gorgeous condo built by Toll Brothers. Looking good Eli.

Posted by MB  on  10/19  at  06:05 PM

beautiful location, neat systems, but man, these 2 need a decorator!!  There is absolutely no character or personality in this apartment.

Posted by AK  on  10/21  at  09:18 PM

Eli’s condo is awesome! I totally want an automated home also.  So many sports/celebs are doing this to their homes.  I found this other video on youtube about Shane Battier’s pad.

Pretty cool, everyone should check it out.

Posted by Robbie  on  10/26  at  03:49 AM

Very prety. Very neat. And I keep expecting to hear Jack Nicholson saying, “heeeeeere’s Johnny!”
Nice place, but it must feel like living in a sterile laboratory. - Hang some curtains! Put up some family pictures on the walls! Put some Jack Daniel’s in the bar, and some Vermont apple cider in the fridge! All the books are on the shelf, so, obviously, no one’s reading them. Don’t you ever buy a newspaper? Does anybody really live there? You need some kids to make it look loved and lived-in!

Posted by laura  on  10/29  at  08:53 AM

i want it so bad…..!!!
this is now my new dream house screw barbie =P
although I agree with MB, lets get some color in there you guys!
i dont like nasty dirty houses (like the one I live in now) lol gosh im so messy I sure wish I could just come home to a simple place like that. It’s ok tho someday *dreams*

Posted by Peter  on  10/29  at  11:02 AM

If he wanted to spend some real $ and get the best he should have went w/ bang and olfson—cheap hick.Hope he got banged out in the market crash

Posted by Scott  on  10/29  at  01:26 PM

Meh.  Marantz receiver is decent, I have one on my secondary system, but no separates?  Eli… come on!  Lots of tv’s, but where is the dedicated front projection room? The automation and the audio server are nice, but not worth the hassle in my opinion.  However, no PS3/Bluray, no HD-DVD, no HTPC?  Those are essentials.  Not bad for a condo, and I guess we all have our own taste, but I’ll keep my house and setup with a simple Harmony 880.

Posted by jessica  on  11/21  at  10:00 AM

Excellent Eli Manning ! Congratulations on your good fortune; may it to continue always.If one has aim and confidence, definitely the goal will come and fill his/her pocket.You have deserved it.

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