How Do You Use Netflix?
October 22, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The CEO says they are now “primarily a streaming company/” Do you agree?
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Posted by speced  on  10/22  at  09:38 AM

ever since they opened up starz play we’ve been streaming twice as many movies vs getting a disc.

Posted by Brian Huempfner  on  10/22  at  10:20 AM

My family has been a Netflix customer for almost two years now. We suscribe to the blu ray selections and watch two discs a week, like clockwork. We stream occasionally, and my kids watch streams on their ipod touches. I was excited to hear that the PS3 now has 1080i Netflix streams with Dolby Digital + as the available soundtrack. Once that is prevalent in more options, I will consider more streaming, but I like the full A/V experience I get with blu rays and hope that option remains. I think streaming is fine for rentals, but when I want to own (and who knows what the definition of media ownership will be in the future), a movie, I want the best A/V available, and right now, that is blu ray.

Posted by Justin Phillips  on  10/22  at  11:22 AM

I pretty much live on Netflix at this point, I love the features of HD streaming however it is audio that I dislike.  Some movies I just want to experience the high quality of Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD MA.  Although I believe that Netflix streaming is the future I really would love to get at least Dobly Digital.  So when something is important to me and I want to truly experience the sound I get the blu ray from them for that experience.  I have made a large investment in speakers and audio gear, I like my movies to push that gear to the limit!

Now that being said being able to watch a movie or get caught up on an episode of a TV from my iPod using the Netflix app is amazing.  Watching old TV shows, or that movie you are not sure you want to really watch the whole thing is another great feature.

But in the end I am not ready to fully commit myself to the world of streaming yet.  I can see how the average home user would be perfectly happy but every once in awhile I need that big sound experience as well.  So for now I would say I use the disk option as much as I use streaming.  50/50 across the board.

But in the end I am not really to full comit myself to

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  10/22  at  01:14 PM

So if they convert to all streaming how many new movies will you be allowed a month for a $8.99 plan? Two a week? The way it is now streaming is only on older (not new releases) so I’m assuming there will be some sort of One, Two, Three (at a time price)? I haven’t seen this addressed anywhere.

Posted by Alan  on  10/22  at  02:27 PM

I agree with Justin Phillips. I use the streaming all the time mostly for watching TV programming with out commercials, but audio quality is not so good. Same complaint with Pandora. If they fix that look out. But when I want to watch a movie with great special affects then I get the Bluray so I get Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD MA sound. If Netflix goes streaming all the way I would probably drop my account so I could get Bluray delivered or I would go back to renting.

High quality hometheater systems require high quality sound reproduction. Streaming just doesn’t provide that today.

Posted by Brent Rosenthal  on  10/22  at  03:03 PM

I guess I’m in the same boat as others. I love the sound quality on Blu-Ray (I pay for the BR plan) and really want it for the full effect. I like to get together with my friends on the weekends and watch “movies under the stars” on a 144” inflatable screen, 720p/1080i projector and 5.1 Yamaha sound system. I stream to it as well using a wireless Samsung BDP 1600(and the piture is great) but the sound just isn’t as good as Blu-Ray. Lately been using streaming a bit more than disks so when we have get togethers everyone has a vote in what they want to watch.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  10/23  at  08:40 PM

Extreme Kahuna: There hasn’t been an official announcement. However, Canada has a streaming-only option right now (it’s the only option there). For $7.99, you can stream unlimited content—just like the $8.99 plan here. However, it’s the same selection of movies. I am guessing once they add a streaming plan here, it will be the same as it is now… just a little cheaper with no discs. They’re always adding new content to stream… I am hoping one day you will be able to stream EVERYTHING.

Posted by Don  on  10/24  at  02:24 PM

I use Netflix for Blu-ray. turnaround is only 2 days and they have every title. I also purchase a lot of Blu-ray movies and TV shows, i’m a collector. I’ve spent my entire adult life striving for the best audio and video experience and I finally have it with Blu-ray, until 4K comes out. streaming is a step backward for me.

Posted by Lori Cunningham  on  10/24  at  11:39 PM

I prefer the streaming method myself.  Less hassle than with the DVD’s.  I stream movies to our Samsung Internet TV and to a Sony Dash. 

I love the fact that you can stream up to 6 different devices and that you can have different TV’s in the house stream different movies at the same time.

Posted by Jason  on  10/25  at  10:32 AM

We do have the blu-ray option, but only one disc at a time.  Streaming is far less of a commitment, so we end up taking bigger risks on streaming content.  We’ve seen some great movies that I would never have risked 3 days on for the actual disc.  We only add discs that don’t have a streaming equivalent and that are fairly well known quantities, but since we don’t get out to a theater that much it’s good for recent big releases, which tend to benefit from Blu-Ray anyway.

We’d get much less out of our subscription omitting either streaming or discs.

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