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Homebuilder Offers Budget Theaters as Optional Amenity
March 17, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This tech-savvy Oklahoma-based builder incorporated a modest home theater into one of his model homes as an example to prospective owners.
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Posted by gwen  on  03/17  at  02:49 PM

Jeff Click homes are stylish, affordable, and tech-savvy. The pride in quality and workmanship is obvious. Jeff Click Homes is raising the bar when it comes to style, technology, and cutting-edge options and details specific to the buyers needs.

Posted by Todd A  on  03/17  at  03:10 PM

Wow. That sounds like an ad for Jeff Click homes. Do you work for them or are you Jeff Click?

Posted by DK Jones  on  03/17  at  06:08 PM

Though it can be seen as the promotion of a specific company, I appreciate this little article for showing a well thought out, interesting & flexible design for a home theatre room. These dedicated rooms are a big feature, read by lots of the readers here & so why not show what some contemporary builders are offering their customers or potential customers. It also mentions the Wiring Installation Provider.

Congrats to Click Home Builders and Wiring Solutions for a well-balanced, flexible room.

Posted by Jeff Click  on  03/17  at  10:06 PM

Todd, I can only conclude that first comment was an unsolicited “attaboy” from a proud family member who lives elsewhere in the country and has nothing to do with the company.

DK, thanks for the comment.  The room was a lot of fun to design, and often gets comments from visitors about it being a refreshing departure from the cliche theater room.

Posted by Jim  on  03/26  at  11:22 AM

I think this article is great and inspiring for us that don’t have huge budgets. I see this room as a blank canvas that grow at a sustainable and responsible rate as the homeowner grows. It would have been smarter to lay in HDMI though or at least raceways to ease pulling new cables. And yes, IR up front.

I also don’t like the seating for a midsize home (and it doesn’t look comfortable either). As a 2200 SQ’, 4BR homeowner with 3 kids, our concern now is that we have no spare bed for guests. I think a pull-out couch in this area would be more practicle in this size home. However, assuming this is in the basement, at 12x18 there should be plenty of space for a spare room + utility.

Posted by Jeff Click  on  03/26  at  02:50 PM


We did component because we also have a multiplexer running to all displays in the home for digital signage use.  We already had that equipment, so we didn’t deem it crucial to use HDMI.  For typical use, HDMI is definitely the way to go, agreed.  Adding it would be a piece of cake, as this is a single-story home with attic access. 

This room isn’t an afterthought…it’s designated for such recreational use.  For our clientele (60% single-female-professional, the rest usually married couples almost always without children), the need for a 4th bedroom isn’t really necessary in this floorplan or for our demographic.  Additionally, our clients almost always want to buck the norm…hence the different take on furnishing.

The furniture is more comfortable than it looks, and we place a somewhat of a premium on form over function when it comes to the show home, which is what this particular home is.  Pull-out couches just generally aren’t very “cool” in a metropolitan, modern style with 2 rooms already set aside as crash-pads for the guests.

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