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Home Theater Basks in Mega 160” Screen
September 25, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This Utah theater has a massive screen to go in a big home, plus a big audio system to match.
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Posted by Greenberg  on  09/25  at  03:39 PM

I was going to say I did not see and snake oil but then I saw this “Audioquest HDMI cable package”.

Posted by mjg100  on  09/25  at  06:01 PM

The place looks great, but like a lot of these theaters, a lot of flash and not much on the performance. Video end looks good, but the audio end is severely lacking. In-wall speakers that rely on the wall for an enclosure and not near enough sub, even with two subs for that size room.

Posted by Charles Gentzler  on  09/26  at  01:18 PM

With such a setup why not cinemascope? The room would be perfect for it.

Posted by rob  on  09/26  at  10:32 PM

audioquest hmdi package, give me a break.  mhhm how much profit margin can i make,

Posted by Dave in Philly  on  09/27  at  10:05 AM

It stinks that the total cost of these theaters is never mentioned.

Posted by HIFIGURU  on  09/28  at  01:30 PM

A JVC RS1 on a 160” screen? And the audio is lacking?  If you are going to want that size of screen step up and get a real projector.  The lack of audio and video matching the scope of the room should exclude this theater from any mention in an awards category and the selling dealer should be embarrased that they sold such an inadequate system.

Posted by john  on  09/29  at  03:27 PM

we actaully did the theater,whole house audio,and lighting control/automation for under 100K. 11,000 square feet is tough to do for under 100K.all you negative comment people should try it sometime.

Posted by Paul  on  09/29  at  05:31 PM

@John:  No kidding!  Yes is a perfect world clients give you a budget to match the rest of the house, but it rarely happens, and equipment is usually the first place to get cut.

Posted by Dennis Allaire  on  09/29  at  07:17 PM

I currently own a JVC hd1 projector and love it but using a 160 ” screen is really pushing it. I have to agree that the equipment doesn’t match the level of the room. This seems to be the typical I don’t know anything about hometheater so just give me a room that has a big picture and makes noise. I blame it on the installer.

Posted by Doug  on  09/29  at  11:25 PM

Uh…yes the size of the screen is pushing it.
But short of spending about 30k more, if the owner digs it, whats it to you?
100k is a pretty steep budget for a home media room.
I’m so tired of reading snotty comments by folks who feel free to judge someones set up as “lacking”.  Compared to what? Your dream room?  It’s all well and fine to attack someones set up, but at least this guy put his money where his mouth is and BUILT A DEDICATED ROOM.
It looks like a fun room to watch a fun movie.
Would I use it to color grade a film? No.
Would I use it to watch Star Wars? You bet.
FYI: My screen is about the same size (154’) and it totally rocks!  Joe Kane may not approve, but he ain’t payin’ the bills now is he ;-)

Posted by Alex  on  09/30  at  04:20 PM

Very impressive regardless of what people think. But hey, guys, for 100k, could you at least clean up the wiring behind the equipment stand? Speaking of, why did you go with a stand like that and not a rack installation?

Posted by Dave in Philly  on  10/17  at  10:42 AM

Doug said..>>I’m so tired of reading snotty comments by folks who feel free to judge someones set up as “lacking”.  Compared to what? Your dream room?  It’s all well and fine to attack someones set up…<<<

You are contradicting yourself here, from one sentence to the next. In addition, if you don’t want the “snotty” comments then don’t publish the theatre in a magazine! Sheesh! Are all HT installers just as thin skinned as the ones here?

Posted by Marsha  on  11/18  at  11:06 AM

This is another apparent aplication that is the destruction of the video excellence may companies try to achieve. They really did their customer a hugh miss service by not providing an adequate projector. Another case of people not knowing video perfomance.  So sad

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