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Home Theater $25,001-$50,000
Home Theater Bachelor Pad on a Budget
June 13, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A new father gets a basement escape without tapping his kids’ college fund.
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Posted by Dr.Evil  on  06/13  at  02:11 PM

Nice use of the space and budget.
The screen layout of the room and seating appear well planned.

Too bad the gear isn’t better, but something has to give.

I bet watching movies and concerts in this room are fun.

Posted by hypnopooper  on  06/13  at  03:13 PM

This in no way this is a Home Theater on a “budget”.  Why not an article for the working man that gives some ideas that are attainable to real family minded Home Theater admirers.  Something in the 10K range. Utilizing most of my existing AV equipment other than my TV it should be pretty attainable.  I for one would definitely have no problem doing some of the labor in order to save a pretty penny.  Of course I would have to do it in stages to keep within my “a little here and a little there” budget!

Posted by BrainFreeze  on  06/13  at  05:15 PM

Thats a great looking room.  Nice design and good looking furniture.  I am hoping the plan was to build a nice room and then upgrade the equipment later.  I have to say this is the first HT I have ever seen where the remote control cost more then the projector.  The screen had to have cost close to 3x the projector as well.  I also have to say sunfire should only be used when you have to appease the wife. There is just no reason to spend all that extra money trying to fight physics when you don’t have to.  I don’t know the retail cost of those but I am guessing if you got the 12” they were over 1k each.  If you would have gotten a couple of svs or HSUs you would have jaw dropping subsonic bass instead of bass thats ok down to 28 Hz (this is purely a guess based on other sunfire subs I have heard and due to the fact that sunfire does not have frequency graphs that I can find on their web page of this sub) .

Posted by techmom  on  06/13  at  08:37 PM

WOW! This guy sure does have something coming if “Mom” is always going to be taking care of the twins.

Maybe he should spend some of his free time getting a dealer license and selling this stuff to his other friends that also have $45K to spend on a home theater.

Posted by barneyfifelives  on  06/14  at  09:33 AM

seriously guys, “budget” is a matter of perspective. the budget for an F16 is crazy by most standards, but apparently not in military circles. 45k for a home theater of this size and quality doesn’t strike me as unusual. i mean, a decent car will cost you that and i know i would prefer to sit in those chairs than in some average sedan. i agree that for the “working stiff” this kinda money can make your head spin, but this owner isn’t in that guy and so, he can spend it and enjoy it… and i hope he does.

Posted by hypnopooper  on  06/14  at  10:44 AM

I have no problem with the amount that someone would spend on their house for entertainment purposes.  Besides an average in-ground backyard pool will set you back about 20-30 grand.  I just felt the title was a bit false compared to the article.

Posted by imromo24  on  06/14  at  12:56 PM

There are $15,000 in couches in that room.  There is no way the rest cost $30k. $1200 in subs, at least $2400 in speakers, Now we are at 27k left and havent touched the room…1k for proj, 2k for screen, we are now at 24k left for the room and haven’t touched treatments, flooring, lighting.  This is a bunch of #### and no-one should believe it. he lied to his wife and this site bought the load.  This room costs way more than 45k, sorry. Maybe 45k for the walls, ceiling, lighting and flooring…the furniture and equipment was probably a separate budget.

Posted by oface  on  06/15  at  01:17 PM

Budget? I make the amount of salary to have this built , but using budget in this seems a little delusional at best .

I thought he might have did this himself and for about 10k,

But this isn’t true “budget” theater.  He did have someone create the budget. Not a real world one though.

Even when I was a bachelor and had this type of cashto spend on a theater I wouldn’t have , and this guy is expecting twins and his wife didn’t care ,, haha,, this is a bull, I am wondering what he bought her to put around her neck and finger to balance this off.

Posted by dannyboy  on  06/19  at  01:10 PM

I am a huge fan of Boston Acoustic’s speaker’s, and I am an audiophile. Thier sound work’s for me. First, the VRB is not a “floorstander”. It is a bookshelf speaker. It does have the excellent VR tweeter, and as such put’s out some great sound, but it is at the bottom of the food chain in the VR line. Now the surrounds he chose-the Dsi line-those are Boston’s entry level speaker’s and use the Kortec tweeter-which means that his theatre is not tonally matched. 2 completely different tweeter’s.
  If he really wanted to do it right, and on the cheap, he could have picked up much better speaker’s from Boston on ebay, or even at onecall on clearance. I just picked up 3 BT1’s , which is one of the most amazing speaker’s you will ever hear (but you gotta hurry as they are being discontinued), on ebay BRAND NEW SEALED for $250 each-half what he paid for the entry level VRB speaker (assuming he paid the $500 MSRP).The BT1 retails for $1000 each. Although the VRB he chose is tolerable, I would have never put the Dsi line in a home theatre-or anywhere else for that matter. He could have picked up a VR in wall for half off MSRP on ebay or at one of the “unauthorized” dealer’s on the internet. Bottom line, if he loves The Boston Sound as much I do, he could have done much better for the same money.
  And please don’t tell me I’m not an audiophile if I like Boston. I also have the Fathom F113 sub, a $3,000 CD player, a Blu-Ray and HD DVD player, a $2000 reciever, 58” Panasonic plasma, etc. etc. etc.

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