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Hockey-Themed Theater Serves Up Jumbo Fun
January 22, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Score one for the home team in this stadium-style theater room, which features a mini jumbotron and lots of memorabilia.
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Posted by Dave D  on  01/22  at  03:41 PM


Are the scores updated in real time that flank the samsungs?

that is a hell of a room !!!

Heres an idea too

You could hook up the scoreboard panels to A PC go to NHL .com click real time scores and hit cntrl + to zoom untill their displayed full screen I do that at work on an extra computer and turn the scoreboard so everyon can see it ..

Posted by Willis  on  01/25  at  01:56 PM

Kaleidescape is illegal and Runco is rebadged equipment, looks like this person did not do their home work.

Posted by John  on  01/25  at  05:26 PM

@ Willis

At the moment, Kaleidescape is not illegal to sell or own, until the appellate court rules otherwise.

It’s already been proven that DRM and copyright laws don’t stop pirating and the only people they hurt are the law-abiding citizens who can’t copy the DVD’s they legally own to their computer. The music and movie industries are just beating their heads against a brick wall with this. They need to embrace it. Create a legal way to store your media and people will pay for it. Just like iTunes proved that if people had an option to pay for music, they would.

Give me a convenient and affordable solution to making a backup of the content I paid for, or I will find my own means. Content providers lose, not me.

Posted by Willis  on  01/26  at  03:24 PM

John, K is not illegal for the current people that own them, anything beyond that they are. I agree with you about these copy right laws but why does K always get the benefit of the doubt? Is it becuase they make huge profit margines based on very basic equipment? How come when ever another company want’s to offer the same thing a a much cheaper price K always gets involved?

Posted by John  on  01/26  at  05:23 PM


I think for the most part is it how the system is implemented. K is a standalone unit that lets you store DVD’s direct to a HDD but not a PC that you can burn a copy with. I realize this does not prevent anyone from renting a movie and copying it, but what I don’t understand is why they do not come up with a good compromise. I realize it would be a nuisance, but if they built a disc verification that made you put your disc in to verify say every 10th time you want to play it, this would prevent many people from renting to own. My feelings are, I have owned many DVDs and the ones that get a lot of use, that I enjoy watching, I end up having to replace after a period of time if they get scratched. This is why playing a backup is very beneficial and would keep me buying new movies that I know will last. Now I just rent from Netfli/Blockbuster and let them deal with the scratched discs. Again, when it comes to piracy, the content providers will always be on the losing end of the battle unless a better system is established.

Posted by Andrew Turner  on  03/15  at  02:48 PM

Sounds like Willis has a case of equipment envy.  Yes Runcos are built from an OEM chassis, but with very few exceptions show me one that is not.  Plus the post proccesing and innovations developed by Runco have done more to advance the cause of quality video than any other manufacturer out there.  On the Kscape, I would like to see you develop an operating system from scratch, provide service and support, and put up the money to fight the legal battles that will ultimately benefit us all.  Just because you can’t afford it or don’t sell it does not mean this is not great gear

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