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HD Radio Can Be Had for $100
iLuv i168
July 11, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Prices are dropping on the products, so are you ready to tune in?
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Posted by jeff W  on  07/11  at  09:29 AM

I put a Dual HD Radio (best price/performance of all the car units) in my car last month (needed a replacement, cost no more than a non-HD unit).  I lucked out that my car’s whip antenna was a good match, and so even though I’m in a fringe area (drops out as I get near work), I get good signal most of the time and am loving it.  Sounds great and more selection.

Posted by Tom blandin  on  07/11  at  12:35 PM

So if an HD radio tuner can fit in the package that serves a car radio with amplifier, cd changer…, Why cannot a manufactor build a HD tuner that is the size of an Ipod so that I might use the output to feed my current sound system, and do it affordably?

Posted by Brian Huempfner  on  07/11  at  12:37 PM

Great, the gear is affordable, now tell the radio stations OUTSIDE of the big cities to invest in the needed hardware on THEIR side.

Posted by go4broke  on  07/11  at  08:58 PM

I’d have to agree with Tom Blandin, I know I’m not the only person saying this, my neighbor has said the exact same thing.  Where is the component that I can plug into my existing system without having to purchase a new AVR?

Posted by John M  on  07/13  at  02:09 PM

Good to see some blogs about HD Radio, even though it starts with Ratt. I am a very big fan of HD. In a year or two this will be the primary radio. Satellite will fade off as people won’t pay $15/month, and about 50% of satellite subscriptions are cancelled after the free trial period from a new car purchase ends.
A good site to leard more about HD clock radios, like the iLuv, is

Posted by Tom Blandin  on  07/13  at  02:28 PM

I hope that someone in manufactoring reads these.
How about one in the form factor of an Ipod. Then all of the ipod docking stations (Strereo, Clock Radio, Bose, Car transmitters etc.) can be used and we don’t have to throw out a perfectly good units just to buy a $100 clock radio?

That will certainly jump start HD Radio, especially since we are in a recession (Really?).

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