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Hauppauge Announces Affordable HD Recorder
January 11, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The HD PVR captures high-def video from cable or satellite and stores it on the PC.
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Posted by John Werner  on  01/12  at  01:04 AM

How does it connect to a HD-DirecTV box???  I always heard that the only way to record HD in it’s full resolution w/ 5.1 sound was to have a HD-DirecTVDVR box???  By all means clue me in to this card being able to attach and record from a satellite box.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  01/12  at  09:20 AM

John: Unfortunately, there’s no other information about the product right now. However, it does claim to connect to both satellite and cable. That’s all I can tell you… we’ll have to wait and see.

Posted by Brent  on  01/12  at  11:49 AM

It attaches to your cable or satellite box via the analog RGB output from your box.  You would control the channels on the box via either a serial control or an IR blaster (included with the tuner).

There’s more info on this post but still no pictures:

Posted by Igme  on  01/12  at  04:18 PM

The only way such a Device will be able to reecord in HD and 5.1 sound will be if the contraption hooks up to the HD or Stellite HD Cable Box via HDMI…

So let’s see.  I am skeptical this is indeed the case as what about protected content? We know very well the Cble companies enforced protection on most of their HD channel offerings to dissuade people stealing HD content via Fiirewire/IEEE-1394!

Good luck.

Posted by JonJon  on  01/12  at  09:47 PM

Note to whoever wrote this article: You English grammar sucks!

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  01/12  at  10:21 PM

JonJon: “You” grammar ain’t so great either!


Posted by Jay  on  01/14  at  09:49 PM

This can certainly work.  You will probably need a dedicated receiver setup for your computer, but this is the thing that HTPC’ers have been needing.  Most content providers won’t like this though.

Posted by CJ  on  01/18  at  11:35 AM

lgme . . .

HD and 5.1 audio work just fine over a component connection (today). There is the threat that the digital media content industry will hit the “all HDMI” switch, but I’d like to see products like this hit the market, and then let’s see what happens. If the industry tries to go all-HDMI right now, just ahead of the all-digital broadcast deadline in ‘09, a significant percentage of media customers will be adversely impacted.

Frankly, I hope the industry is taunted into pulling the “all-HDMI” switch early. We need to get the greedy execs into court and put the FAIR back into fair-use.

Posted by Joe  on  01/29  at  10:28 PM

Not true you can get 1080i and 720P from analong component video cables. and 5.1 from a SPDIF or optical.

And that is how this works..  Accept with Component there is no DRM bs to deal with.

Posted by JayDee  on  02/02  at  05:37 PM

Apparently, the HD PVR comes with regular analog PLUS an optical input for digital sound.

Sounds too good to be true !

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