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Hands On with Netflix for Windows Media Center
May 21, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Although it was long in coming, the Netflix app is an awesome addition to Media Center and, we hope, the beginning of more good things to come.
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Posted by Josh Ferguson  on  05/21  at  10:47 AM

Great story, and I am glad to see Netflix and WMC finally playing nice together!

Will this work on XP Media Center or only Vista?

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  05/21  at  10:50 AM

Just Vista, I’m afraid. And yes, “finally” is the operative world. I’ve played with it further and it’s really slick.

I’m not sure, but the vmcnetflix plug-in might work on XP -

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  05/21  at  10:52 AM

Duh, OK, never mind on vmcnetflix. The “V” is for “Vista.” Time to upgrade, my friend!

Posted by IsleOfMan  on  05/21  at  11:19 AM

I’d like to see how the WMC client compares to TivoSD, Roku, and connected BD players.  I currently have 3 NetFlix capable devices in my HT… TivoHD, Samsung P2550, and an older laptop running XP (mainly for Hulu and MAME/SNES/NES emulation).  Right now I prefer the IQ and interface of the Samsung P2550 (same as Roku) but if the VMC extension is ported to XP and the interface is superior (mainly letting you browse/add titles) then I may give that a shot.

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  05/21  at  11:24 AM

I too would like to see a comparison. Folks at Roku were supposed to send me a box, but haven’t seen it. My understanding is that you still must set up your “watch instantly” queues on the PC to access them through Roku. True?

With new WMC product, you can do EVERYTHING through the TV—add to watch-instantly queue, manage your DVD rental queues, get recommendations, haven’t checked yet whether you can rank movies through the MC interface.

would be curious on your netflix experiences through your devices—here or email me at jjacobson at ehpub dot com.

thanks for chiming in.

Posted by Doug  on  05/25  at  07:35 AM

Funny, XBOX360 doesn’t support Silverlight?  Then again you can just do Netflix from the console, but still funny.

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