Hands On: Benq W7000 3D DLP Home Theater Projector
August 21, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
In the trending world of 4K TVs, affordable 1080p projection like Benq’s W7000 still quenches true big-screen thirst.
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Posted by Ron  on  08/23  at  07:14 PM

Thank you for the review.  For projectors, it would help if you included the list price of replacement bulbs

In the CONS you say PIP can’t use the 2nd HDMI. So what sources can it use?

Please confirm that you are talking about PIP =  Picture in Picture. That is a feature I greatly desire on TV’s (which I no longer see on most) and didn’t expect to see on a projector.

Posted by Ron  on  08/23  at  07:15 PM

(edit) forgot to check notiy

Posted by Alan  on  08/25  at  12:27 PM


Appreciate the review. Nice to the hear the good and the bad. Some reviews are only about the good. All projectors in this price class are going to have strengths and weaknesses.

Review like this allow the potential buyer make an informed design. For some the issues you bring out might not be a deal breaker. Then again they might. :)

I have an older Mitsubishi 3800 and I have got to say the large screen (mines 10’) is so much better the a tv when watching movies or sports I will never watch entertainment on a regular tv again. 

I was wondering what your thoughts were on 3D viewing with only 2000 lumens. I have read on other blogs that because 3D requires more light you need at least 4000 lumens. How did this projector do in that regard?

Keep them coming.


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