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Great Movie Scenes for Surround Sound
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April 11, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
We guarantee these movie scenes will send a jolt through your surround sound system.
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Posted by john parker  on  04/11  at  07:57 AM

War of the Worlds- (DD Surround EX/DTS 6.1), standard-def dvd) During the scene when the aliens come down through the lightning. The ripple effect, when the bass and surround effects seems to travel through your room in cadence with the action, goes to the scene whe the alien ship first comes up through the street and lets out a thunderous bellow. As people are getting fried by the lasers, I wanted to take cover myself.
I can just imagine this movie on Blue Ray with the newest surround options!!

Posted by Matt  on  04/11  at  08:20 AM

Live Free or Die Hard Blu-Ray (DTS HDMA)
The opening scene in Matthew Farell apt or the scene where they get chased by the helicopter and the last chase scene with the F-18.

Posted by Alain Menard  on  04/11  at  08:26 AM

Saving Private Ryan the first 10 minutes or so of the movie.

Posted by Soundman  on  04/11  at  09:01 AM

1.First 30min of Saving Private Ryan.
2.Depth charge scenes in U-571.
3.First 15min of Transformers.
4.First 20min of Star Wars:ep III

Posted by Jerry  on  04/11  at  09:03 AM

The running Man with Helicopters, trains and a flame thrower you get a great sense of what your setup can do.

Posted by TimHt  on  04/11  at  09:12 AM

2 scenes from Forrest Gump.

The sequence where Forrest is in Vietnam. First when the gun battle begins and the bullet s are whizzing past, and the scene where Forrest is saving is fellow soldiers and the air support arrives to begin bombing.

Posted by Dave  on  04/11  at  09:18 AM

The opening scene of Fifth Element with asteroids flying past you.

Posted by Larry  on  04/11  at  09:21 AM

Spider-Man 2: The sustained fusion experiments; especially when the lasers are first activated.

Posted by Ron  on  04/11  at  09:45 AM

How could a list like this not include the helicopters’ approach scene in Apocalypse Now with their speakers playing Wagner.  Classic.  “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”.

Posted by Marbles_00  on  04/11  at  09:57 AM

The lobby scene and rooftop scene in The Matrix.  I love the way the bullet wiz by as the camera pans around Keanu Reeves.

Also the opening beach scene in Saving Private Ryan…made you feel as though you were on that beach…very powerful.

Finally Blade 2.  Soundtrack is really loud, and the sword fighting effects are simply awesome.

Posted by Scott  on  04/11  at  09:58 AM

In our “Best Of Demo Alley” Award-winning demo at EHX, we used a great clip from Ratatouille (track 5, I believe).  There’s great impact in the shotgun blasts, the ceiling cracking overhead, the rats rushing past, the rain, and then the echo in the tunnel capped with the dripping water moving right through the audience.  Plus, it’s family friendly!

Posted by mellis  on  04/11  at  10:02 AM

Lest we forget Master and Commander the whole opening inside “discrete"ship scene leading to the first cannon exchange is ready to thump you in the chest and blow your speakers apart!

Posted by Jobi  on  04/11  at  10:10 AM

Best scene to test your surround is Star Wars Episode 2 when Obi wan is being chased by Jango Fett in Slave 1. You first have the sonic charges Jango deploys which span the spectrum of sound and then you have Jango firing laser bursts at Obi which start from rear right and swirl all around the room. Plus you have the sound of the ships engines which pump out great sub sound. This scene will show how well you system sound.
A runner up is the opening scene of Episode 3. SImilar sounds but there is alot going on to pinpoint stuff.

Posted by Phil  on  04/11  at  10:22 AM

Kill Bill (DTS mix) - scene when Uma Thurman and Vivica Fox are fighting

Maxtrix Revolutions - scene when Neo and Trinity are on their way to the Machine City.

Air Force One - Scene when the plane is hijacked

LOTR Return of the King: scene when the forces of Gondor and Minas Tirith come together to fight against the armies of Mordor.

Lion King (Enhanced 5.1 Mix) - scene where Simba was stuck in the stampede and Mufasa went to rescue him.

Posted by Slane  on  04/11  at  10:33 AM

First and foremost you left off “Saving Private Ryan” in DTS mode.  Even if you don’t care for the movie, the surround sound effects are amazing.  Also is “The Rock,” particularly toward the end when the rocket is launched and the jets are flying toward Alcatraz Island.  These are movies where your rear speakers will sometimes be as loud as your front speakers.

Posted by anon  on  04/11  at  11:00 AM

Waterworld…the movie was horrible..but there are scenes where you can literally hear tiny waves lapping at his craft, very immersive..

Posted by Jim Biwer  on  04/11  at  11:44 AM

The Patriot has great surround sound!

Posted by Ryan  on  04/11  at  11:56 AM

The Matrix, when Neo jumps from the helicopter onto the roof, then grabs the rope to save Trinity.  The sound is most impressive when the helicopter crashes into the building and explodes.  Shakes my whole house!

Posted by Super Dave  on  04/11  at  12:04 PM

The Matrix when they enter the lobby and shoot the place up…..the shells hitting the floor. Sweet!

Posted by Bryan Blake  on  04/11  at  12:31 PM

I agree with the above comments on “Saving Private Ryan”, hearing the bullets in the opening sequences is amazing. I would also add the opening scenes of Monsters Inc. will put any good subwoofer to the test.

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