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Geek Squad: Let Us ‘Sync’ Your 3D Glasses
March 23, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Do you really need to sync the Blu-ray player through the USB port on the 3D glasses?
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Posted by Scion Racer  on  03/23  at  01:43 PM

This is actually quite funny, and perfectly demonstrates the ineptitude of the average BB employee who could actually think that the glasses contain a USB port. I would wager that a non-techie could call BS on that one..

Posted by BB  on  03/23  at  05:18 PM

The glasses that are on display in store have a mini usb port on them. Nice reporting. Guess that demonstartes the ineptitude of the average reader of this site as well

Posted by John  on  03/23  at  06:23 PM

The glasses on display also need zero syncing. The usb port is more than likely to charge the battery. Guess that demonstrates the ineptitude of the average BB employee commenting on this site and to inquiries about the service. Call it what it is, TV and bluray player installation. 3D glasses sync is misleading and feeding off of the gullible. Shady business tactic if you ask me.

Posted by Scion Racer  on  03/23  at  06:24 PM

Nope. That’s not how this works. Provide a link showing this and/or explain why it is needed.

I have seen Samsung’s and Sony’s AS eyewear in person, as well as Panasonic’s in reviews, none of which had anything more than a power button. AS technology communicates via IR sync. There is no need for a USB terminal.

Posted by John  on  03/23  at  06:26 PM

Mini usb is probably to recharge the batteries similar to a PS3 controller

Posted by BudaBellyX  on  03/23  at  07:29 PM

I having setup a few of these 3d displays understand the service. It is not for the tech savvy customer just like any other install sku… The charge isn’t for “setting up the 3d” but how to operate it once it is setup. How to initiate 3d-2d conversion if you are watching a movie without glasses and so on.

As for HD Guru’s article, they have a hard-on for BBY and go after anything they can. I haven’t seen them attack a single other retailer for shady practices.

Posted by Doug  on  03/24  at  09:58 AM

BB practices are pretty well documented and not just by HD Guru.  I only shop there if I absolutely have no other option.

Posted by 3D  on  06/18  at  11:57 AM

Samsung’s 3D TVs were the first out. They weren’t quite ready for prime time, but they went out anyway. The got some pretty poor reviews due to eye to eye crosstalk. Samsung came out with a software upgrade for the TVs, which is applied to the TV via you guessed it, the USB port. It does in fact improve the picture and reduces the crosstalk to the point where it is watchable. Although the staff of BBY was not able to explain it, there really is a service which they can perform via USB.

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