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Gateway One: Too Cool for an External Hard Drive
September 27, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The manufacturer has put PC magic into an iMac-looking all-in-one desktop.
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Posted by macfanboi  on  09/27  at  11:00 AM

gotta say, it also looks alot like the old 20th anniversary mac.

also, the latest mac has a bigger screen, faster processor, better graphics card and, yep, can run windows natively. did i mention it costs less too?

sorry gateway. no prize… sucka!

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  09/27  at  11:19 AM

C’mon… you gotta give them SOME love. I think I’d be better sold if the price was lower. To me it’s an iMac (without Apple) and Mac prices.

Still looks better than the cow spots though…

Posted by stubeeef  on  09/27  at  01:05 PM

Older styling at a fat price, the government will buy lots of’em.

Posted by steve  on  09/27  at  08:15 PM

Wow, the famboys are pissing their pants on this one.  It must be pretty damned good.

This is only more expensive than the imac if you order the imac without 2 gigs of memory.  If you get 2 gigs in the imac, this costs less.

Boo!  Run away!

Posted by macfanboi  on  09/27  at  08:55 PM

ha steve, you funny.

Posted by dano  on  09/27  at  11:58 PM

I like it!  Great design.

Posted by Ray  on  09/28  at  02:12 AM

Sound is supposed to be a different - SoundVu from NXT - built into the screen!  Anyone heard it - is it any good?

Posted by teekster  on  09/28  at  08:13 AM

Gateway was doing the all in one LCD PC long before the imac, sucka

Posted by macfanboi  on  09/28  at  10:01 AM

yes teekster, and those gateway all-in-ones really took off, didn’t they? maybe i should pop by my local Gateway store and check it out… oh, wait. those stores al closed. guess they couldn’t keep up with the crowds.

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