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Free Blu-ray Players Boosted Numbers
January 25, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
NPD spills the real deal on their report, and Toshiba talks about its disappointing sales numbers.
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Posted by Tony  on  01/25  at  11:33 AM

So that report wasn’t supposed to come out about the Free BD players skewing the numbers. Typical, Bluray Bill (Bill Hunt). BDA must have really paid him alot of money to be such a zealot.

Posted by E Volksmann  on  01/25  at  11:47 AM

So the article makes mention of strong sales for Toshiba after their price drops, as well as how the HD-A3 holds the number one slot at Amazon. But EH flips this around to “Toshiba talks about its disappointing sales numbers” in the headline. Nice objectivity there.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  01/25  at  11:53 AM

Sorry if you took it that way, E Volksmann . I meant the numbers from the NPD report. I can’t win, and won’t try.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  01/25  at  11:57 AM

You can’t fight against blind fanboyism, Rachel. They live to twist other peoples’ words. Not even worth bothering with them.

Posted by jman33  on  01/25  at  01:38 PM

I wish that people would just realize that the game is over.  There is no way that HD-DVD will survive.  People that are not privy to the Video Game market think they have some sort of understanding of what is going on.  there have been well over 7million PS3’s sold with blu-ray tech in them, that is almost 9 times the amount of HD-DVD player sold.  And that doesn’t include the stand alone Blu-ray players that have been sold.  IT’S OVER, TIME TO MOVE ON.

Posted by T.N.  on  01/25  at  02:05 PM

I appreciate seeing this posted, rather than swept under the rug. 

But I must say I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of media outlets jumping on any and all information (both real and speculative) that is negative toward HD DVD.  Then later, when such information either changes or is proven incorrect/misinterpreted, they will MAYBE print a quick blurb to report such.

Basically, it’s a game of “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” being followed up by “oh, maybe it isn’t.”

I’m not surprised to see this within discussion forums, but it’s disappointing to see it coming from media outlets.

Posted by HD-DVD is Dead  on  01/25  at  02:13 PM

Unless the studio’s decide to change back to HD-DVD or to support both formats then HD-DVD will die.  There is no way that people are going to support HD-DVD with only three (probably fewer by mid-year) studio’s producing their movies on HD-DVD.  I understand people have a preference but I can’t see its survival with the current numbers.  Since Warner made their move I see (and have read) that they other remaining studio’s will eventually cave to either switch format alliance or offer their movies in Blu-ray in addition to HD-DVD.  The remaining studio’s are in this (like all the other studio’s) for the money.  Time will tell what will happen in this war.  Either way what I want is one format or everyone offer their movies on both formats.  I do not want to have to have a dual format player or two different players to watch my favorite movies.  The regular consumers will NOT allow it.

Posted by BiNiCi  on  01/25  at  02:41 PM

I thought America was land of the free and to have choices to purchase what you want? I guess the BDA is really pushing down thos Blu-ray players down everyones throats by giving them away. I keep saying this, its not the middle class or upper class society that will decide the victory, its the Josess and Chang’s that will go into Wal-Mart and buy a player for cheap (no matter how many studios back who). Now we have to wait and see the sales results for Toshiba’s price changes…

Posted by steveo  on  01/25  at  03:15 PM

I always thought Sony has Always given the players away for Free - that being for everyone who wanted a PS3 for gaming, they got a FREE Blu-Ray player (and later 6 movies) - and it was a good player. That logic doesn’t hold if the buyer bought for BR (but they got a free game system). But, I think it obviously worked, and as each person saw Blu-Ray on PS3 - they told their friends. And that is how markets are built quickly.

Posted by HD DVD is really dead  on  01/25  at  03:52 PM

It doesn’t matter what Jodi Sally says, she works for Toshiba. Of course she’s going to say that HD DVD players have been selling like hotcakes since the price drops.

However Blu-ray won last weeks software battle 83:17 claiming all 10 of the Top 10 titles with no BOGO’s.

Blu-ray won the week before 85:15 with all of the Top 10 titles.

It’s a trend that will continue.

I wonder how Jody Sally can explain why she said Toshiba won the sales battle in December when Blu-ray had 60% of the hardware sales? I guess she’s full of misinformation.

Posted by WOW  on  01/25  at  04:28 PM

this is unfair practice and monopoly at its highest..Sony is at it again and I can’t believe that legal actions have not been taken yet…pay to kill…WOW!...if it was Walmart, Microsoft, then the sky would be falling.

Posted by renindy  on  01/25  at  04:33 PM

Let’s not even aruge the merits of each of the two technologies.

I simply don’t understand the BD camps glee, urgency, insistence to delcare HD DVD is dead.  We already live with Unix & PCs.  DVD+R, DVD-R. Democrats & Republicans.  Token ring vs Ethernet, etc, etc.
We never delcared that DVD-R was dead.  Nor would it have been joyful. 

There was never a winner with SACD & DVD-A. 
Perhaps the equipment manufacturers are going to have to make some tough decisions.

Yes, I have an A30, in fact, I’m considering purchasing Blu when (if?!) the prices come down. 

I know most of the media generally can’t wait to declare something dead.  It makes for great ratings.  And its probably something that (sadly) viewers have latched onto.

Posted by Jeremy  on  01/25  at  04:58 PM

Um… monopoly?
No one else is selling TVs? No one else is manufacturing discs? Toshiba is hardly hurting for $, they could have done the same thing. Its simply shrewd, razors and blades marketing. Not monopoly. Sheesh.

Posted by Rich  on  01/25  at  05:24 PM

I will buy into Blu-Ray in a couple of years when they finally get the specification finished. I mean think of all the folks who plunked down big bucks for 1.1 players that will soon be obsolete when 2.0 hits, and then 2.01 ect. How many players can these folks afford? I bet many of them don’t even know that their present player will not be working with all the new titles coming in the future.

Posted by billy  on  01/25  at  11:04 PM

Better to have one standard that the studios can release in and avoids forcing us, the lowly consumer, to buy 2 players (or a pricey combo player).  Choices are not a good thing when standards are involved.

Reminds me of a great saying which goes something like: “Standards are great; we should all have one.”

Posted by BluRayFreak  on  01/26  at  07:49 AM

In response to Rich,

Are you serious? Do you have any clue whatsoever?

The first HD-DVD players became obsolete as soon as the second generation players came out. Funny how you totally skipped on that FACT.

Personally, I’m on my fourth HI-DEF player (I currently own: Toshiba HD-XA1, Sony PS3, Toshiba A3, Sony BDP-S300).

Today’s Blu-Ray players WILL be able to play “2.0 Spec” disks…only exception being that the older players won’t be able to take advantage of whatever 2.0 specs will be able to provide…

Stop drinking that HD-DVD Kool-Aid and get a clue!

And to all the other HD-DVD fanboyz that claim that Blu-Ray cost soooooooo much more than HD-DVD does, get real! Cheap HD-DVD players are cheap for a reason…they’re usually missing some “bells & whistles” (analog connections, good upconversion chips, ethernet ports, etc.) You get what you pay for! If you’re perfectly happy paying $98 for a crappy Chinese HD-DVD player, good for you. Some of us actually enjoy and take pride in our home theater and love watching our movies in the best possible way!

Posted by steveo  on  01/26  at  11:30 AM

To BlueRay Freak….speaking of clueless…what exactly (or even approximately) made the first generation of HD DVD players obsolete?  Some obscure feature like 24p (that most TV’s can not process)?  The only key feature I can think of is maybe speed - but those boxes were the best built of all, and had the most I/O features.  And, lack of some other features like 5.1 audio is nearly standard in the industry on both sides, and is probably again, one of the least valuable features - after all PCM via HDMI is really just as high a quality and most users would never know the difference.

Bottom line, the early BR players will still be able to play discs…they just don’t have advanced features (which have yet to be implemented) and thus loose resale value, not useability for the most part.

Posted by Being Fair  on  01/26  at  11:40 AM

Well, if HD DVD can claim to have a 100.00 next generation player by having a sale that last a few hours. I see no problem in blu ray claiming an entire WEEK of sales.

I’m sure Toshiba doesn’t count the free movies by mail and in the box of their HD DVD players sold..  ..wink wink

Posted by whitestar16  on  01/26  at  06:02 PM

Well when credible journalists report things in error, they usually offer a retraction, but I suppose this is as close as Rachel can get, after her pie graph debacle. In my comments I mentioned that the data didn’t include sales from internet sources and Walmart.

That aside, Blu ray will likely ALWAYS win sales numbers as far as disks in the US, until studio suport changes, if that ever occurs. The correct article should be, what if Universal and Paramount and Dreamworks never adopt Blu Ray and we stay at a 70:30 split? My answer would be , for example, Samsung and their upcoming dual format player ( the BD-5500) which I would wait for FYI instead of going for the 5000, which is still at Blu ray 1.0.

AS far as some of the back and forth in the comments, it is correct that all Blu ray disks in the future will play on current machines ( supposedly—I believe everyone on this), but that 2.0 features simply won’t be available to the current 1.0 spec Blu ray player owners except for PS3, which will be upgradable. I used to think extra features were silly but seeing what some of the current HD-DVD crop can do, makes me think that some of this is pretty cool actually.

Posted by Erik  on  01/26  at  06:30 PM

As long as the SDDVD version of a good movie can sell more copies in a week than all the BR and HDDVD’s sold uptil now together, the so called war is a fight of a few freaks .
Even when the war ends , will there be a winner ???
In Europe 95 % of the new TV’s sold are 720P .
As there is not much difference between upscaled SD and 720P ( you can see it only if you can compare side by side , not if you play one after the other ) , not much customers are waiting for a HD format . Cheap prices can convince some to try it out , but then , not only the players but also the dvd’s have to become cheaper .
The majority hopes that their TV lasts for 10 years, thus by the time that they buy a full HD , the actual formats are already in the museum .

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