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Flat Panel Prices Expected to Drop
Cheap TVs
October 16, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The upcoming shopping season might be the best time to buy a TV.
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Posted by Noel  on  10/17  at  01:53 AM

32” for $320?  That’s 10 bucks and inch! Sold!

Posted by Angel Castillo  on  10/17  at  11:06 PM

I’ve been planning on buying one for a while now but that time has come…the money is saved, will definitely be buying cash and I’m buying me a 46” HDTV either Sony or Samsung along with a PS3 come Black Friday!  :-)

Posted by Badger  on  10/18  at  10:32 AM


Look at either Panasonic for plasma or Sharp / Mitsubishi for LCD.

The above are better that either Samsung or Sony…

Posted by Angel  on  10/18  at  10:52 AM

Sorry Badger we’ll have to disagree on this one…Samsung is #1 and Sony #2 in LCD’s but I do agree that Panasonic is #1 in Plasma…but I’m not buying a plasma…for my needs it’s LCD all the way.

Sharp and Mitsubishi are ok but from all the research I’ve done and the feedback that I’ve read over and over…they can’t beat either a Samsung or Sony.

I’m personally leaning towards Sony at this point…the TV with the new XMB would make a great match for my PS3.

Posted by Thomas Santana  on  10/29  at  10:08 AM


Sears has posted it’s Black Friday adds. There are Samsung’s and Sony flat panels on sale. The W Sony Series 52 inch for $1, 999 is a great buy.

Posted by Angel  on  10/30  at  12:22 PM

Thanks for the heads up Thomas…I agree that a 52 inch is a great buy for $1,999 but I’m going with a 46 inch…the size of my living room and distance of viewing are factors I have to consider, so that’s the size for me.

Black Friday can’t come fast enough for me…looking forward to it!

Posted by sb  on  11/01  at  10:57 AM

LCD is not for games unless you shell out the cash. Sony was really depressing. I had a $3600.00 sony lcd a month ago and the picture looked good standing still. Fast motion, even with 120htz, was poor at best. I bought the Pani plasma and sereiously, it is soooo awsome. 46” 1080p for 1400. you wont regret it

Posted by Angel  on  11/01  at  02:51 PM

SB - I’m sorry to hear that but I’m sure this varies between models as well since I know people who have both Sony and Samsung and they have no issues with gaming.

My brother has a Samsung 46” LCD and I’ve played games on his and everything runs fine and he doesn’t even have the 120Hz…his model is 60Hz.

So, I’m sure whatever I end up with…regarding Sony or Samsung at 120Hz and with their newer technologies I will be happy with the results…of course if I’m not…I could always sell it and buy something else :-)

Thanks for the feedback!

Posted by CS  on  11/25  at  05:30 PM

Whoever wants to buy a Plasma for gaming is stupid.  After a period of time with the HUD in the corner of the screen, that will burn in.  LCD IS the way to go for gaming.  Plasmas picture looks great, but after some tweaking or if you can spend the $200-$300 to have you LCD properly calibrated, it will look as good if not BETTER than a plasma.  Alot more benefits to a LCD also.  Produces alot less heat, lighter, and uses less energy.  Plus, it seems that Plasma TV’s are becoming the thing of the past since you see less and less of them and as LCD prices drop.  Won’t be too long that you will be able to get a 52” OLED TV cheap once the technology gets better.

Posted by Angel  on  11/25  at  07:41 PM


First of all, I’m going to lower myself to your level of ignorance and call you stupid since you so kindly called EVERYONE stupid for using Plasmas for gaming.

I did my homework and I to was going to buy LCD only because of price and burn-in…but once I educated myself further and found others that use it for gaming I changed my thought process on this.  Besides, I got such a good deal on an awesome Plasma that no LCD out there could touch it at the time, so it was too good to pass up…that’s called smart buying.

With the newer tech on Plasmas you would have to be playing for hours at a time on a regular basis to burn anything on the screen and it’s much harder after the first 100 hours.  So, if you have no life and all you do is game 24/7 go with an LCD…but don’t say you can’t use a Plasma for gaming because you’re wrong.

My Plasma has an orbiter that moves automatically to avoid burn-in and even if I did burn it in I can go into the settings and use an eraser type method to burn it off…but again…only someone who games for hours at a time for days and weeks at a time would burn it in and that’s all depending on how your habits are, so don’t go making blanket statements with no clue how to back it up.

LCD’s as Plasmas have thier Pro’s and Con’s so don’t be a fanboy of LCD…you just sound even more stupid.  There are plenty of educated articles out there on the web that prove this, so I won’t even go into much detail about your Pro LCD comments vs. Plasmas.

An LCD will eventually catch up to Plasma in picture quality but you’ll have to spend way more to get even close so until that happens where LCD’s are as good or better than Plasmas for the same price range at the same compatible level of the actual TV then LCD is not the way to go…just another option….both technologies are good and have their own value again depending on how you’ll use your TV.

Plasmas aren’t going away anytime soon and by the time OLED is affordable by the masses my TV would be almost 10 yrs old…and I just bought it…go figure.

Posted by Angel  on  11/25  at  07:46 PM

An Update to all of those I was commenting with regarding the 46” LCD that I was thinking of buying from either Sony or Samsung:

I ended up going with the Panasonic VIERA 50” TH-50PZ85U…just came out and at $1399!...I just couldn’t pass it up :-)

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