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Elite Solves CinemaScope Dilemma with Dual-screen Osprey
January 22, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Whether your watching 16:9 or 2.35:1 high-def content, Elite Screens’ Osprey product has you covered.
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Posted by John  on  01/22  at  11:01 AM

I fail to see how this is any cheaper than just adding vertical bars to mask your image off. Besides the fact that it has to be more expensive to add a second screen versus black material, wouldn’t there be focus and zoom issues when deploying a second screen in front of the first if using an anamorphic setup?

I just can’t possibly fathom this is a better solution than the traditional 2.35:1 native screen with masking down to 1.78:1

Posted by Bill  on  01/22  at  11:05 AM


Posted by paul  on  01/22  at  11:34 AM

Motorized masking screen ~$20,000+
Motorized Dual screen ~ $1999

Of course it’s not cheaper than adding manual masking, but I really don’t think that’s the market they are going for.

Speaking on behalf of my wife who hates all things that require manual ‘tweaking’ to work properly…this is a great product.

I’ll buy one just to keep from hearing “Why do I have to move curtains to watch a stupid movie or television show?”

Posted by bobby  on  01/22  at  12:33 PM

totally confused here.  if you care this much about your system and image quality, why go with elite?!??!  so let me get this straight, instead of one….you get two bad screens?!?!?  i just don’t see it.  if you care that much about your image quality and system in general, why not just go with a company with experience and a proven record in this type of application?

Posted by John  on  01/22  at  12:39 PM

I dont know what you are smoking, but an electric screen with masking is most definitely not $20,000+ and again, why would it be SOOO much cheaper to add a SECOND screen versus black material that masks the left and right of your image for 1.78:1. Besides the fact that this “tweaking” you mention would be WORSE with dual screens versus one screen that you adjust focus for. Your logic is flawed.

Posted by Bill  on  01/22  at  12:54 PM

@John @Paul…. ditto

Posted by Dave D  on  01/22  at  01:50 PM

Here what im going to do. I am creating a black mask that hangs in front of my projection screen, to create a 6 inch border on top. (from where the screen comes out)  I just stop the screen when it’s at the cinemascope ratio, or Animorphic. This way there no manual tweaking or curtains involved.

Actually with the dual-screen why cant they make the 16:9 screen the bigger size, and make the screen in front that drops down be a black mask on top???

Posted by Paul  on  01/22  at  04:29 PM

@John:  Thanks for the witty answer…. So instead of insulting me, why not offer some actual useful information? What do you recommend Mr. Expert?

I have a Stewart Caberet America screen, and was looking to replace it with a Stewart vertical electriscreen electrimask,(EMC128S) with Lumiflex 130 fabric which my local dealer tells me will cost me….. just under $20 grand with installation.

Not all of us are DIY’ers, some of us have to pay experts to do stuff.  That being said, I don’t (and won’t) spend 20k on a screen+installation, particularly since the current screen has all of the work done, and all you should have to do (installation wise) is take the old screen out, and put the new one in right?  All of the wires/power/control stuff is already run to the screen location.

I’m pretty sure he’s ripping me off, but there aren’t a lot of Stewart dealers (aka more than 1) within 300 miles of where I live.

Posted by Paul  on  01/22  at  04:39 PM

@John:  The ‘tweaking’ I was refering to were the cheap black curtains I installed to use as masking, which need to be opened or closed manually, since as I said… I’m not that handy.

My wife hates manually opening/closing the curtains when using the theater, and can’t stand white bars to the sides.  It’s that simple.

I don’t like the look of the curtains, I want proper masking material, hence my desire to move to either an electric screen with electric masking, or a 2:35:1 screen with some sort of standalone electric masking system.

Posted by John  on  01/22  at  05:19 PM

So what you are saying is your tweaking is a result of you adding masking panels, not a screen manufactured with them. I could see why this would become a nuisance, but this is not what I was talking about. I was referring to a screen that came with motorized masking and these are definitely not $20,000 as you stated, not even half that amount.

“just under $20 grand with INSTALLATION”

So apparently your dealer is selling you an $8,000 screen and making about $12,000 from the install. Great for them. I need to start installing screens apparently. But what I don’t get is how replacing your existing screen with the Elite vs the Stewart would be any easier, especially if you already have wiring in place for a Stewart screen.

This is not even my point. My point was how is it possible to have 2 motorized screens fabricated cheaper than motorized masking panels. That and the fact that you now have at a minimum a 1” offset between the two image surfaces, only a projector that will allow you to index zoom and focus positions will really compensate for the slight change in throw distance without having one of the two images in focus and the other slightly softened.

Posted by bobby  on  01/22  at  05:41 PM

looks like Paul might have a few questions for his installer or like he put it….expert!
hey Paul, read the fine print of the contract you signed, it might include a free bj that you didn’t receive?!?!
that’s the only way i can justify the cost of install.

Posted by Paul  on  01/22  at  06:12 PM

@ John:  Yes.  And yes, I agree, it should be cheaper to add motorized masking panels than a second screen.

@Bobby:  No sadly, the sales contract seems to have missed that… 

Unfortunately the CAVS installer I used with the original screen (and the rest of the theater) went out of business last year, and now the only CAVS installer left in my area is the guy who quoted me $20k for the Stewart Screen.  As John is telling me, perhaps he’s still in business since he regularly marks up a 1 day install 5000%.  he quoted me $19000 for the screen and $1000 for the retrofit install.

Sigh…. I hate living in the middle of nowhere.

Posted by bobby  on  01/22  at  06:39 PM

hey Paul,

just curious….what city do you live in?

Posted by JC  on  01/25  at  11:32 AM

I agree, definitely a cost effective way of going CIH/2.35. I was quoted 4800$ for a SMX 2.35 and the Stewart was around 3800$ for the same thing. I think companies should focus on bring down the price of the anamorphic lens.

Posted by Bill  on  01/25  at  02:17 PM

A little confused by your comment. It sounds like you’re referring to a single screen solution w/o masking, and not a dual screen (problematic solution) as the article is referring to.

Posted by robert archer  on  01/25  at  03:05 PM

Depending on the size of the screen and the material a screen can cost that much or more.

In the case of Stewart, it makes screens on a custom basis. That means a dealer places an order and the Stewart factory builds it to that specification. It would be difficult to mass produce a CineCurve screen with individual screen materials and automated masking as an example.

It also catalogs the sale with information such as exactly was was specified and the exact batch number the screen was made from.

These are some of the reasons that a manufacturer like Stewart gets so much money and it’s the reason why the company’s products are used in post production.

As for the quality of Elite Screens’ product, they make very good and affordable products and in the case of this product, this is a perfectly viable product for a home depending on what the homeowner wants.

Posted by Paul  on  01/25  at  06:33 PM


I guess I’m not allowed to put it up, as EH removed it.  I’m in Canada, in the northern part of Alberta.  the closest major canter is 400 km away.

Hopefully that’s vague enough to keep up.

Posted by Jeff  on  01/26  at  02:16 PM

Take a look at Carada’s Masquerade masking system.  A Carada screen and CIH auto-mask can be had for ~$4-5k depending on the size, and it will mask all the way to 4:3…

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