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8 Great A/V Receivers for Under $1K
onkyo tx-sr606
October 20, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
We polled members of the AVS Forum for suggestions on buying an A/V receiver for less than $1,000.
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Posted by Tom Carlson  on  10/21  at  10:21 AM

So apparently all the Onkyo boys voted. They make a nice receiver, but 4 of the top 8? I don’t think so.

How about Harman Kardon & Marantz?

Posted by John Nellessen  on  10/21  at  11:18 AM

I found the Onkyo TX-SR606 on for $349 - not sure about shipping - but it’s less than the price qutoed here.

Posted by Daniel Lund  on  10/21  at  12:19 PM

The Yamaha RX-V663 is a great reciever, but I would recommed anyone interested in that pick up the Yamaha HTR-6160 instead.  The two are identical but I’ve noticed the HTR-6160 can usually be found for less $$.

Posted by Badger  on  10/21  at  01:23 PM

Easy Decision. Buy either of the Denon Receivers.

Much better than any of the others especially Donkey-o

Posted by Ryan  on  10/21  at  01:41 PM

it should be called Demon, since they rip you off, why dont the denon fan boys go buy a $499 cable they sell when you get your receiver.

Posted by Paul  on  10/21  at  01:48 PM

I recently bought an Onkyo TX-SR805.  I’m not all that familiar with most of the receiver’s in this price range, as it’s my first $1000+ receiver, I have to say that I have been extremely pleased with it’s performance thus far. 
I have two complaints about the unit, which people may or may not think are significant:

1)  There is only 1 HMDI out, so I have to swap cables between the TV and Projector until I buy an HDMI splitter/switch.

2)  This monster is friggin HEAVY!!!  I believe it’s about 55 lbs, so be careful putting it on a glass shelf!

Posted by BUZKIL99  on  10/23  at  11:18 PM

I have a 606 and I love it.
It does everything you would want from a reciever in a mid to small sized room plus 4 HDMI inputs!
Decent upscaling for non HDMI hookups to 1080i

Posted by Crow  on  10/24  at  07:56 AM

Paul I have a Oppo switcher that works great, best one on the market like NEW !!!  $75 shipped !!!!
my new TV has 3 HDMI inputs so i don’t need it ...

Posted by indy  on  10/27  at  11:30 AM

Badger: Donkey-o??? Don’t call it names unless you explain what you don’t like about them. Do tell.

Posted by Paul  on  10/27  at  12:28 PM


thanks for the suggestion.  I’ll take a look at OPPO. 

update:  OPPO only offers a 3 in 1 out hub.

I need something with 2 outs.  Currently everything plugs into the Onkyo to get processed, but I have to swap the cables on the out between my tv and projector depending on what I want to use.  I guess I should have been more specific, I guess I need a splitter, not a hub.

Gefen makes a 1 to 4 splitter, but it’s $650 CDN. 
Does anyone know of a less expensive splitter that works well?

Posted by SUOrangeman  on  11/10  at  10:47 AM

When will HD Radio tuning and/or networked media sharing come to this price range?  The Denon 4308CI had everything I want, plus a bunch of stuff I’ll never use.

Posted by manfinger  on  11/30  at  06:44 PM

After purchasing several Onkyo products over the years, I can say with certainty they are overpriced and overrated.
Better products exist for the same price so there is no reason to follow the sheep in front of you. The only product I would consider a good item was the Onkyo 3 head cassette deck (yes, I know…cassette) that never sees use any longer.

Posted by Erik  on  12/03  at  08:49 PM


Your comment is intriguing, but anyone can say of any product that better alternatives exist for the same price. Naming specific models, and reasons they’re better than Onkyo, could lend credence to your opinion.

So, which specific receivers do you regard as better for the same price as the Onkyo?

Posted by wp willie  on  12/05  at  05:47 PM

I bought a Onkyo 606 and hooked it up with component cables and had black lines and flutter on the video.

I got another 606 and same problem.

Bought a Denon avr 888 on close out and solved the problem.  It does not run nearly so hot but has world’s worst manual.

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