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DreamWorks Still Clinging to HD DVD
Bee Movie HD DVD
February 27, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The movie studio is still planning to release “Bee Movie” on the defunct format next month.
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Posted by BluRayFreak  on  02/27  at  09:55 AM

Earth to Dreamworks:

HD-DUD lost. Time to move on!

‘Bee Movie’ sucked—bring on the good movies!!!

Posted by jeff  on  02/27  at  10:06 AM

why is warner still producing I Am Legend on HD DVD?

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/27  at  10:09 AM

Not sure why, Jeff… but other HD DVD releases are coming too, including “Into the Wild,” “There Will Be Blood” and “Sweeny Todd.”

Posted by Grant  on  02/27  at  10:29 AM

There Will Be Blood was canceled.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/27  at  10:33 AM

Was it? I didn’t hear that. Thanks for the tip.

Posted by Jerko McGillicutty  on  02/27  at  10:34 AM

The answer is pretty simple. Because it takes time to produce these things. When the gears are already in motion and they’ve already spent god knows how much on a project, it’s easier to just finish rolling it out and take the losses instead of trying to stop it. Not to mention, since other vendors and contractors are involved, their contracts probably stipulate that they’ll get paid even if the project is cancelled. Again, easier to just finish it up.

Seriously, with the stuff that I read on here, it’s almost like you guys have ZERO business sense at all.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/27  at  10:36 AM

Well I do realize that many were already printed and the wheels were in motion. I just meant there was no “formal” announcement about it. Still though… it costs money to market the movie.

“I Am Legend” makes a bit more sense though; they are releasing it on all formats—covering all of the bases.

Posted by Shmack  on  02/27  at  10:59 AM

Releasing content on HD DVD is still a viable business alternative. There are a lot of HD DVD owners out there who would like to continue to buy content for their machines, so releasing content is a pretty safe bet—at least for a little while. Bottom line: if it’s profitable, why not release the content as long as the revenue stream is available.

The high def media market is still very small, so there is really no need to rush any of these decisions. Blu-ray might be the mass market of the future, but in the meantime, studios can make some money selling to the HD DVD owners out there who have not (or will not) immediately switch to Blu-ray.


Posted by jwebb  on  02/27  at  11:27 AM

IF the discs were already pressed, why not issue them? People with HD DVD players would still like some new titles & they’ll get ‘em thru May/June it appears.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD also saw it’s regular DVD pulled. Thinking that has everything to do with the studio wanting to keep it in theaters during Oscar time & ZERO to do with HDDVD/BluRay/whatever..

If they already ran HD DVD copies of BLOOD, my guess is we may still see them. And no worries, kids….surely will be on BluRay soon, too! Oh yeah, and on DVD….you now…the format that basically EVERYBODY buys?

It’s not like the HD DVD players & discs just suddenly disintegrated when Toshiba pulled the plug. Despite some SW/FW glitches, the Toshiba players are all very well made machines (that were getting sold @ unbelievable discounts). They play SD DVDs excellently. I know I will use mine until it simply dies = not a bad investment for $99. I do like my HD, so when Blu can get me a 2.0 SA player (I DO NOT WANT A PS3!!) in the $150 ballpark—-I am in!

I even can get a backup Toshiba now for as much or less than I got my 1st player.

Doubt BEE MOVIE sets HD DVD records, though, as mainly kids will want it—which means parents will be snapping up the SD DVDs of this instead of HD (either format).

Realistically, does anyone really think that either HD format was gonna destroy or at least equal DVD in terms of market share? At best, I thnk BluRay (or HD DVD if it had gone that way) will be this generations laserdisc. Successful, but not totally mainstream.

Folks who care about high fidelity images will go with Blu/HDDVD. The vast majority of people, however, want a good movie. And said movies look/sound just fine on DVD for the masses. The gains in HDM are nowhere near the gains we got from DVD over VHS.

What has always surprised me during “the war” is that so many (mostly online) geeks get so chuffed over movies on shiny discs. And fight back & forth like 7 yr olds. Amusing & sad at the same time.

Plus…..both formats needed/need much better movies to sell. For every “good” title on either side, there was at least 3-5 “crap” titles too.

Posted by film11  on  02/27  at  11:38 AM

Why shouldn’t it (and other titles) still come out.  With over a million players sold (and more, with the current discounts), people will still buy them.  I know that pre-orders are pretty high for THERE WILL BE BLOOD, showing that there is still a market for HD-DVD.  I actually wish that titles wouyldstill appear on both formats.  Anyway, good news from DreamWorks.

Posted by Blasst  on  02/27  at  11:43 AM

We clearly do not know all the details of the contract between Dreamworks and Toshiba.  To say that Dreamworks is “clinging” to HD DVD gives the wrong impression IMHO.

Posted by Kevin  on  02/27  at  12:01 PM

Oh, come on.  Katzenberg needs a written release—news reports aren’t legal documents, believe if or not.  He hasn’t got one yet, and until he does he has no choice but to continue with the terms of the agreement, or be found in default.  So, Dreamworks is grumbling out loud in the hopes that Toshiba will be embarrassed enough to sign the release.

Posted by Dilodolo  on  02/27  at  12:45 PM

These CGI films really don’t need the HD treatment, so Dreamworks isn’t losing anything, IMO. Unlike live action movies, CGI DVDs upscale so well that I have a hard time telling them apart from their HD counterpart.  Although I have HD DVD and BR player, I’ll get this (after rental, if the kids like it) on DVD like most of the rest of humanity, unless it is on a combo disk.  the portable player needs to eat too ;)

Posted by Tyler  on  02/27  at  01:09 PM

Wow, another stunningly intelligent article in this mag…

Warner, Paramount, Dreamworks, and Universal ALL still have HD-DVD releases planned through May at least, including a few larger profile releases.

Pointless and uninformed article.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  02/27  at  01:17 PM

The point is actually that they have no plans to go Blu-ray, not that they are releasing the movie on HD DVD. Thanks for your touching comment.

Posted by Chuck McKenney  on  02/27  at  01:34 PM

Tyler, the level of your ignorance continues to stun me. The point of the article is that DreamWorks, unlike the other studios previously committed to HD DVD, won’t publicly say they are adopting Blu-ray. Not to mention the article originated with Reuters, one of the largest, most respected news organizations in the world. You are pointless and uniformed, not the article.

Posted by philm  on  02/27  at  01:40 PM

I think the reason they would go through with the release is that Toshiba is contractually obligated to write them (another) check (that is, in addition to the $150M) for every title they release. How else would you interpret the statement in the Reuters article:
<“It might mean they’ll lose the opportunity to sell ‘Bee Movie’ on Blu-ray, although the market for Blu-ray is still pretty small and the offset is that they’d get money from Toshiba, which may in fact be more,” Crockett said.>

So the decision has nothing to do with HD vs. BD, but $$.

Posted by Crude Dude  on  02/27  at  02:29 PM

Don’t give in Dreamworks,fight to the end!

Posted by Tyler  on  02/27  at  02:47 PM

Hmm…perhaps I would have gotten the point if the article expressly stated it.  Or if the title of the article alluded to it.

Instead we have a sensationalistic headline and the inference that it is silly that Dreamworks is releasing The Bee Movie in HD-DVD only, despite Toshiba ending things.  Universal and Paramount still have SEVERAL HD-DVD exclusive titles coming out in the next few months, some of large releases.  While both Paramount and Universal have stated that they will produce Blu-Ray, it hasn’t had an effect on their HD-DVD only releases over the next few months.  No Blu-Ray releases have been announced either. 

An accurate article would have simply stated that Dreamworks has not yet announced that they will produce Blu-Ray.  The headline and all of the fluff about The Bee Movie still being released as HD-DVD only are, at best, irrelevant, and at worse, just sensationalistic journalism. 

Though I know the article originated from Reuters, you are publishing it as your own article.

Posted by pete  on  02/27  at  03:26 PM

I feel it just shows that Dreamworks has honorable people working for them.  They will eventually switch but instead of bailing they are waiting to formerly finalize it like an honorable company would.

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