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Do You Trade-Up for Blu-ray Extras?
Planet of the Apes 40-Year Evolution Blu-ray Collection
August 04, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
More special features are coming to entice consumers to pay the HD premium.
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Posted by Lightningrod  on  08/04  at  02:02 PM

For me, it’s picture and sound.  I never look at the extras.  I think a lot of people don’t have the time or the inclination to do more than watch the movie.  Intreractive internet based trivia games? Come on…

Posted by met-man  on  08/04  at  02:37 PM

How do you get consumers clamoring for Blu-ray?

I’ll take this one…. lower the price!!!

Posted by hdtheater  on  08/04  at  02:48 PM

It is all about pictures and sound.  The extras have lost the appeal they once had.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  08/04  at  03:26 PM

I have to agree, met-man.

hdtheater: I agree about the extras to some extent. I think it depends on the movie. However, if I already had something on Blu-ray, I definitely wouldn’t trade-up for a new version just because it had extras.

That Planet of the Apes set does look like fun though!

Posted by me  on  08/04  at  03:55 PM

Lower the price and add in a copy of a standard DVD so it can be watched on the customers other tv’s

Posted by bigbuj  on  08/04  at  03:56 PM

picture and sound

Posted by Ryan  on  08/04  at  03:59 PM

I have never met a person who cares about these extra features, as for me, i may check out special features on movies i really like but for most of the stuff i rent, i never bother watching.  Its all about the cost and the quality of the movie transfer, BD LIVE can go suck a fat one as far as im concerned.

Posted by Tom  on  08/04  at  05:08 PM

I only care about picture and sound!! The only extra feature i may look at is trailers for other movies.

Whats the deal with 90% of Blu-ray movies being in 5.1?? I have more DVDs that are in 6.1!!

Posted by David Kynaston  on  08/04  at  05:28 PM

I have NEVER bothered with extras!................. It will only appeal to the movie buff. The players are still to expensive for the average user as well as the screens & accessories.  The release of two formats in the beginning has not helped either.  The movie collection is still too small & tech evolving.

This whole thing about extras will only push the price up…It’s all Marketing BS!

Posted by Moviegeek  on  08/04  at  05:59 PM

I agree with “me”...lower the price and the masses will buy.Extras and BD Live are gimmicks that few will use.

Posted by Danpass  on  08/04  at  07:27 PM

and HD-DVD had plenty of titles with plenty of extras in them.

Br’s stronger DRM was too hard to resist of course.

Posted by John  on  08/04  at  07:47 PM

I collect movies and all i want is the best possible picture with DTS MA…that’s it, nothing more!!!

Now, start lowering the damn price and quit inching it upwards to LD prices back in 1997…$39.95!!!

Posted by Transcend  on  08/04  at  08:47 PM

I agree with Tom regarding lame audio.  Why should I buy Blu-Ray with ONLY 5.1 surround sound, intermittently grainy scenes, and fewer extras than the DVD version I already have?  My DVDs have MORE extras and are upscaled and matrixed nicely by my AVR.

This is why I haven’t purchased the Planet Earth series.  I want the Blu-Ray version WITH the same extras packaged with the DVD version. The Blu-ray version costs more, for heaven’s sake!
Produce Blu-Ray versions with (if applicable) remastered transfers, 7.1 sound, and at least as many extras as the original DVD, all at a price under $15, then I’ll be tempted. 

Otherwise, my DVDs will do just fine.

I do like extras—NEVER the lame director commentaries, but other things like theatrical trailer, story background, deleted scenes,  gag reel, technical/scientific documentaries, etc.

Posted by Bob  on  08/04  at  08:50 PM

Heck no.

Just give me the movie with great quality and great sound.  Forget all of the extras which I never see, and the new codecs, too.  The games are an absolute joke.  Every time they say, “Oh, just wait…. they’re going to be sooo cool…” I think, “Yeah, whatever…. haven’t seen it yet.”  Don’t waste my time or money.  Just make the discs cheaper (and load faster).  I don’t see that extra crap in the movie theater, and have no interest in paying you for it anyway!

I’m also sick of the DTS-MA debacle where many expensive receivers like my Marantz SR-8002 will hit an explosive “bomb” sound due to DTS-MA issues. 

Just give me PCM 5.1 minimum.

Posted by North  on  08/05  at  09:47 AM

Forget about the extras. More movie and sound please.

Posted by derreckla  on  08/05  at  10:51 AM

I am like everyone else Better sound and maybe better picture restoration, top gun looked BAD.

I won’t even watch a blu-ray that has compressed audio, so please for the love of GOD the mission impossible series, Assissination of Jesse James come out with uncompressed audio!

Posted by Larry  on  08/05  at  12:09 PM

Just give me movie! I have no need for “extras”. If I wanted to play a game based on a movie, I’d buy a game! Blu-ray is a movie format to me.

Posted by C not K  on  08/05  at  01:31 PM

Well, if the masses haven’t spoken us early adopters sure have. Seems like a lot of us want 7.1. That tells me a lot of us have a system to take advantage of that capability. We bought Blu-ray (and HD DVD) for PQ and AQ. Seems like in the rush for product films weren’t remastered. They should be for us.

The majority of DVD viewers who don’t have 7.1 (or even 5.1) won’t be swayed by anything but price. And based on economies of scale, I don’t see how Blu-ray will get cheap enough to outpace DVD.

Posted by DC  on  08/05  at  01:34 PM

hehehe, to think HD-DUD fan boys used their, “Blu ray is not a finished product. It doesnt have HDi like HD-DVD from day one” speil and yet look at ALL the responces above that DON’T CARE!!!!!

I’m sure this is typical for most of the population. I also want pic and sound the most important. If silly little on line extras means the movie might cost more and take longer to release, then drop them!!

There are a ton of Blu rays here in Toronto now for $20 each. DVD’s of the same titles were not this cheap this long after DVD first came out so we are doing well!

Give it some more time and soon Joe six pack will be able to enjoy Blu ray with the rest of us! :-)

Posted by Mr. Audio  on  08/06  at  01:01 PM

Wow!!! Extra features!  Uhhh….no still too expensive.

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