DIYer’s Theater Showcases Old-World Italy
DIY Italian Theater
June 16, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This Italian stallion may be the main attraction, but it’s just one of Tony Caciolo’s four home theater spaces.
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Posted by Tatatoothy  on  06/16  at  02:19 PM

God what a hideous house.  This guy has roughly 1,000 times more money than taste.

Posted by Joemama127  on  06/16  at  04:02 PM

Tatatoothy…“hideous”? If by hideous you mean “hideously awesome” then yes. On the other hand, I love themed rooms in a house but some people can’t stand them. To each their own..

Posted by Anonymous  on  06/17  at  07:24 AM

What is the big deal? I have a far better home cinema in Dubai (also in 15000 sqft house) minus the tacky fake Italian village. Isn’t home cinema suppose to look like a cinema, rather than some back alley in some country?

Posted by Dr.Evil  on  06/17  at  06:05 PM

Someone actually did this on purpose?
This wasn’t for a silly reality TV show or some other such stunt?

Kids…Don’t try this at home.

Posted by Mini Me  on  06/17  at  07:49 PM

I totally agree with Dr.Evil.

Posted by Austin Powers  on  06/20  at  10:47 AM

Groovy Baby, heh heh heh.  All I can say after looking at this place is as usual Dr Evil and Mini Me are idiots who are jealous of something they can’t have.  That pool area is gorgeous.  Incredible home that many would love to have…

Posted by DSM  on  07/11  at  04:39 PM

Pretty room, but a shame he listened to AVSers on the equipment choice.  Absolutely gizzled list from what I can tell, with few exceptions.

Posted by robert74  on  07/11  at  05:57 PM

horrible,horrible taste!

Posted by John Bowser  on  10/07  at  02:26 PM


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