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DIYer Spends $1 Million on Audio
May 19, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Ivan Messer sunk a fortune into over 50 Richard Gray products and almost 100 McIntosh products—and he’s very happy about that.
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Posted by Video Master  on  05/19  at  05:09 PM

It’s too bad that you can’t buy great taste…That has to be the ugliest home theater I have ever witnessed!!!

Posted by alex  on  05/20  at  05:32 PM

thats not even top notch equipment and by todays standards the footprint is retro

Posted by Henry  on  05/20  at  06:27 PM

Sure, I suppose you have better??

Posted by Willis  on  05/20  at  09:54 PM

This person is a fool, Richard Gray power products are snake oil and have no real world impact, they are just another “audiophile” waste.

Posted by howiebrou  on  05/21  at  01:17 AM

Jealousy is the apprehension or fear of superiority

Posted by Nick Klangos  on  05/22  at  12:40 PM

As a fellow A/V enthusiast and HT addict I would never criticize another’s passion in this realm we share but, I have to agree with some of the other comments. I dont get some of his redundancy, especially 50 line conditioners, I myself have one in my rack and separate protection in my main breaker box. Clean power is important but this is over kill and a waste of dollars. I do wish the article had explained more of his amplification break out, and distribution for his sources. I assume his separate amps are for each of his speaker sets breaking up highs, mids, lows etc. If the article had explained his set-up better I think it would have prevented some of the negative comments. Still a million bucks for an HT is just so over the top but oh if I had the money to throw at mine I cant say I wouldnt have spent it. My own build has cost me only about 10K so far most of that sound proofing, room construction etc, and people that have seen and heard my HT have been very pleased, as am I which is the most important part after all. But, would I spend lots more if I could, damn right I would!

Posted by Willis  on  05/22  at  09:41 PM

I wonder how much money was wasted on “audiophile” cables? One could probably cut the price of this system in half if you were to remove all the snake oil products from the system. I also find it funny that he does not even run a processor that is capable of the new lossless audio codecs from HD dvd/blu ray. It is not very “high end” of him to have a low end blu ray player do all the decoding and processing and then have the signal run through its inferior DAC’s.

Posted by DSM  on  05/23  at  07:20 AM

Looks like Willis is being programmed to think certain things from various notorious chat rooms, with his lightweight wallet as an accomplice.

Posted by Willis  on  05/26  at  06:39 PM

You are saying that I am programmed yet the first thing you say is “with his lightweight wallet as an accomplice.” which is what the “high end” always says because they can not back anything up with measured specs. We obviously see that money does not make a good system and even worse Ivan said that his MVP-871 displayed a better picture then his blu ray player. Then you have people like DSM who try and defend Ivan by thinking that there is no audio improvment in the new lossless codecs.

Posted by Ivan  on  05/26  at  08:46 PM

You stand corrected, my Blu-Ray does in fact crush standard DVD’s via my MVP-871 & Lumagen Scaler.

Posted by Willis  on  05/31  at  12:06 PM

I should try and dig up your post from audio karma, you said that your MVP-871 using standard DVD’s produced a better picture then your blu ray player running blu ray discs.

Posted by Ivan  on  05/31  at  02:57 PM

Good luck finding what I never said, ha!

Posted by Willis  on  06/01  at  09:00 PM

It looks like a lot of people do not agree with you. I like how people on audio karma will agree with anything you say.

Posted by Cambo  on  06/10  at  02:03 AM

Is it possible to turn off all of the distracting (and ugly) lights on the front of all the units? For me, that would totally ruin the overall experience. For such expensive equipment it sure has cheap-looking lighting on the front panels. To each their own I guess. I’d spend $1m on audio quite differently.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  06/10  at  08:07 AM

Cambo: Yes… the lights can be dimmed. It mentions that in the slideshow. Thanks!

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