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DIYer Makes Home Theater His Business
Coronado home theater
April 12, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Ray Coronado’s hands-on installation of his own home theater turned a hobby into a side business.
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Posted by alex  on  04/13  at  11:27 AM

The Theater isn’t that impressive for the $55,000 spent on it and some of the equipment seems overpriced and not of very good quality, for this guy to be taking money from people for suggestions on home theater’s is a farce of it’s own kind.

Posted by Marc  on  04/13  at  02:07 PM

Before you criticize, try reading the news article properly:

“Three years and about $55,000 later (with $35K of that going to the addition), Coronado is very pleased with his work.”

That means that 20k went into the equipment and everything on the interior, which is rather reasonable.

Regardless of the cost, we should be giving Ray kudos on making his hobby and passion a paying gig.

Posted by Ray  on  04/13  at  04:01 PM

I agree with you Alex….this is not very impressive.
But if I may ask…..were is your contibution to the home theater hobby.
There are those that do….and those that are just bitter cause they can’t.

Have a nice day

Ray Coronado

Posted by Louise  on  04/16  at  10:25 AM

Nice job on making your passion a reality.  There is always going to be somebody who is critical and envious like Alex.
I am in the same spot as you with my passion of system design and am working toward being successful.
I wish you the best!

Posted by michael corona  on  04/17  at  09:53 AM


I’ve noticed, for some reason, people tend to want to bring people down who are above them.

That is the only explanation for that ridiculous comment posted by Alex.

He does not understand for one second the thought process of the “DIYer.” 

A friend of mine, who is an avid golfer, once asked me why the hell I’ve spent over 1 year doing something a professional could have done in one month.  My response to him was, “why do you continue to play golf when you have never once shot par over 18 holes.”

Great job and I hope my HT, which I am doing myself as well,  looks as impressive as yours!

Posted by Laurence  on  11/17  at  08:50 AM

Ray is a very sincere and generous individual who constantly shares his knowledge and ideas, without compensation.

As a former moderator of AVScience forum I can attest to his contibutions on that website. In fact, when I looked to purchase a JVC RS1 projector I turned to Ray for his advise and experience. He helped me without hesitation. Thanks, Ray.

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