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DIYer Loves His MartinLogan
January 28, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Seth Valencia spent four years and $75K perfecting his theater room—as well as choosing the right equipment. 


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Posted by Josh  on  01/28  at  12:08 PM

Every home needs at least four Blu-Ray players and two HD-DVD players.

Posted by Waboman  on  01/28  at  01:45 PM

Absolutely stunning!  A perfect blend of function and form. I love the big Logans and two big racks, stuffed with all kinds of A/V goodness, flanking the massive Sony.  Hell, I love it all.  Awesome job.

Posted by Seth Valencia  on  01/28  at  09:31 PM

Thank you for the kind words my friend. ;)

Posted by ZIPPO  on  01/29  at  07:31 AM


Posted by rlw  on  01/29  at  04:10 PM

Wow, I’m stunned - very nice setup.  While I prefer a more dispersive speaker (I have Gallo Reference all-around) I can imagine the M-Ls sounding VERY good consider you’ve got darn near every square inch of wall-space plastered with those bad boys [smile].

Good on ya, Seth, you followed your muse and it has paid off handosmely.  Job well-done, laddie!


Posted by Seth Valencia  on  01/29  at  09:32 PM


Thank you very much for the very nice compliments on my setup. ;)

The Gallo Reference speakers are some very nice looking (and sounding) speakers from what I’ve read and been told.  I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to them, but at some point I would really like to.

Yes I have been extremely impressed with Martin Logans.  The detail and quality of sound they give is simply amazing.

At some point “if” Denon offers an 11 channel DSX option for the AVP-A1HDCI pre/pro, I will most likely add a couple of Script i ML’s for the front height effect channels.  That should really give a super immersive soundfield.


Posted by Al  on  01/30  at  08:16 PM

Love it- could be my favorite setup on this site. Just quality products without a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Posted by chili  on  01/30  at  09:38 PM

Is all of this in an apartment or house?  Kitchen and dining room are close to this room.

Posted by Seth Valencia  on  01/31  at  01:55 AM

Thanks Al. ;)

Posted by Seth Valencia  on  01/31  at  02:13 AM


It’s all in a house.  The living room area is really large, which is perfect for the amount of speakers that are being used in there.  And yes the kitchen/dining room is adjacent to the living/HT room.

Posted by Jonathan  on  01/31  at  09:51 AM

Hi Seth, Congrats on getting featured.

Awesome system, love the combo of MartinLogan and the king-of-the hill Preamp and Player.

Jonathan - AKA JonFo

Posted by Seth Valencia  on  01/31  at  01:23 PM

Hi Jonathan!

Thanks for the kind words my friend. ;)

Posted by Willis  on  02/01  at  03:27 PM

I hope everyone watching a movie is the same hight, since the ML Theater i has no vertical dispersion it is going to be hard to hear it once you get out of the 4-5 inches on pannel range. Very poor choice for a center speaker.

Posted by Mike  on  02/02  at  01:38 PM

I too feel the Logan love.

My theater consists of a Stage center, Summit RL, Vantage side channels, Descent x1 and Script back channels all driven by P1 Arcam monoblocks.

My source is a modified oppp 83 and my pre an Arcam 888.  Vertical dispersion is just fine, thank you.

Posted by Seth Valencia  on  02/02  at  09:57 PM


Thank you for chiming in. ;)  Like you, I have had no issues with vertical dispersion.  Everyone in the main seating area gets excellent center channel sound.  Dialog is clear and strong.

Sounds like you have yourself a very sweet setup!!  Logans and Arcam make a very nice match.  I LOVE my Logans, and I see you do as well. :)  Nice to hear from a fellow ML owner.

Posted by Willis  on  02/03  at  02:09 PM

Check the specs, I think it once again shows that the high end is listening with their eyes and not their ears. The ML center speakers have no vertical dispertion becuase they can’t have vertical dispertion. Hence why ML curves their pannels, or did you ever wonder why they curved them in the first place?

Posted by Jonathan  on  02/03  at  05:34 PM

@willis, while you are correct that their usual speakers are curved to deal with horizontal dispersion, however,  their center speakers actually have an integrated dynamic tweeter to cover the higher frequency ranges that are increasingly directional.
As frequency deceases, dispersion is less of a problem, therefore their curved panel handles the mid-range fairly well, and the tweeter cover the high-frequencies with the same dispersion pattern of most other centers.

For the ultimate MartinLogan center, please check out my no-holds-barred approach to the challenge:

Plenty of additional commentary on center designs there as well.

Posted by Willis  on  02/03  at  09:48 PM

Jonathan, I have viewed that DIY center and I think it is heads and tails above anything from ML. With the stage the ESL pannel covers the 451-2700 Hz area so that area will have no verticle dispertion other then the high of the pannel. Same with and ML floor standing speaker, if you were to stand on a chair and put you head outside of the pannle range you would then miss all of the sound information. Point being unless everyone watching the movie has the same head position as the speaker is setup for you will be missing out. 12 inches is the entire verticle dispertion of the panel, that’s it, that is you “sweet” spot.

Posted by Seth Valencia  on  02/05  at  05:47 PM

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your very informative post. ;)  Your input is always welcome, as you are one of the kindest and most knowledgeable people I know. :)

And your ML center has to be the coolest (and no doubt best sounding) out there.  While I am super happy with my Theater i, I know that your creation really kicks it up a notch and then some!

Thanks again for chiming in.

Posted by Roni  on  02/15  at  04:25 PM

Your System Rocks Seth!!!!  I WANT!!!

Way to go on your system, Great Job!!

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