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Denon Shows Off 10 New Receivers
new denon avrs
May 21, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Denon releases ten advanced A/V receivers with more connectivity, ease of operation and installation features.
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Posted by Video Master  on  05/22  at  01:37 AM

Denon are solid receivers but it takes a lecture by Einstein in order to figure out how to use them correctly.  I hope this years models improved on last years shiteous remotes.

Posted by The Genius  on  05/22  at  01:28 PM

Athough all AV products seem to be challenging to Joe Consumer, most of the frustration boils down to laziness. This is especially true for Denon AVRs.
One thing is consistently avoided. READ THE MANUAL! To quote a genius of our times….....


Albert Einstein

Posted by Video Master  on  05/22  at  03:02 PM

The MANUAL is the problem n00b

Posted by The Genius  on  05/23  at  01:12 PM

I fail to see the difficulty in reading and comprehending. Sorry, I imagine that is inherent to being a genius. I do agree that the remote control is, as you say, shiteous! I wonder who is responsible for it. I own the AVR 4308 and that particular remote in also shiteous to the nth degree!


Posted by The Genius  on  05/23  at  01:22 PM


It is a small wonder that you cannot read…...the title BOOB comes to mind. I may be mistaken but you probably own one of Denon’s entry level models. Therefore, it may be best for you to enroll in in ‘Denon’s Primary School of Home Theater Setup’ Don’t be tempted to use the ‘Cliff Notes’ as you had in the past. Attend the entire course..
Someday, you too may become a genius.


Posted by Steven  on  05/24  at  11:27 AM

I have a 2807 and my uncle has a 3806 with the LCD remote. I MUCH prefer the basic remote from my 2807. I’d say that the manuals are as clear as you’d expect but they could still be a little better with explaining some things for consumers with less experience hooking things up

Posted by BeMedia  on  06/06  at  10:01 PM

Denon recievers are nicely built, flexible, solid.
Probably one of the best things that they do.
Forget their remotes.  Get a great universal, and program it.  Get the wireless iPod dock.  Run a 2nd audio zone.  Enjoy.

Posted by Warhammer Online  on  06/30  at  05:48 PM

They look cool :)

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