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Denon Sells 5 Feet of Cable for $500
Denon AK-DL1 Denon Link
June 20, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sale or snake oil? Denon’s cable prices are causing a stir—and not in a good way.
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Posted by Mark  on  06/20  at  03:15 PM

The perfect purchase for the person who has more money than brains.

This is being pitched to the same audiophile idiots that are willing to spend $30,000 on a turntable or believe in the infamous green magic marker on the CD edge mystery.

I’m sure “The Absolute Sound” will publish a review of it soon using its typical colorful language that means absolutely nothing, but encourages you to throw your money away.

P.T. Barnum said it best… There is a sucker born every minute.

Posted by Bill  on  06/20  at  03:45 PM

Spoken like someone that’s never bothered to take the time to listen to a $30,000 turntable or the “infamous green markered” CDs.

If you want to firmly believe these things make no difference, DON’T BUY THEM.

I’m not saying the Denon cable does or doesn’t make a difference, but it’s pitiful to dismiss it out of hand because you think it silly.

But then I know I’ll never change your mind on this as you seem like the type of person who agreed with Consumer Reports back in the 1980s when they said all CD players sound the same and you should just buy on features.

Posted by TV  on  06/20  at  04:09 PM

These prices make the Pear Cables look like a steal….

Posted by Mr. Audio  on  06/20  at  05:12 PM

Electronic House, I must apologize for being so hard on you for all this time.  This is a gem of an article.  Hats off to you guys for calling that Denon cable what it is.

Posted by John Nemesh  on  06/20  at  05:38 PM

I already called Engadet on this, and I will do the same to you.  Until you LISTEN to the cable and compare it to a less expensive one, you have NO RIGHT to call into question whether it is worth $500 or not!  The Denon Link interface is only available on their upper end electronics, and someone paying $2000 for an audio player and $4000 for a A/V receiver (or more) would not hesitate to spend $500 if that cable would give better performance.  I have sold Monster and other brands of cable for YEARS and I have sold most of my “overpriced” cable to skeptics who at first said they didnt care, but changed their tune when I did a blind “a/b” comparison for them.  Until you listen, you have NO RIGHT TO COMMENT!

Posted by Jerko McGillicutty  on  06/20  at  05:58 PM

John Narnesh and Bill -
The reason why so many people are laughing at this is because it is an ethernet cable, not an analog audio cable. If you have no idea how packetized networks work, then you have no right or reason to be standing up for this insanity. A $15 cable from CompUSA will perform IDENTICALLY to this. PERIOD!

Posted by Edwin  on  06/20  at  06:08 PM

You mister John Nemesh
are 1 of those people who scam people with your salestalk, should be made illegal. 1 feet for 100 dollar while it costs maybe 1 dollar a feet to make.

Posted by pretty girls are dancing  on  06/20  at  06:30 PM

“Until you listen, you have NO RIGHT TO COMMENT! “

we have every right to comment
because WE KNOW THIS IS ########

you have no right to tell us what to do,
and DO what WE WANT

Posted by Weinbergoid  on  06/20  at  07:02 PM

It’s frustrating when you know how something works and you know why some superstitious BS is most just-tiny-shy-of-absolutely not real, then have to deal with people who believe that superstitious BS and are fully ignorant of the proven knowledge it violates, but yet they go with the “science doesn’t know EVERYTHING, how CAN you know?” tired old stupid line.

Physics-defying nonsense like water crystals reacting to prayer and psychics get their same kind of customers. No matter what you reason or what evidence or what physical laws their beliefs break; no matter how unlikely their beliefs are against the much MUCH more likely possibility that they’re just being lied to, they will apply the “we don’t know EVERYTHING” line.

Of course we don’t know EVERYTHING, but we DO KNOW A LOT OF THINGS in the 21st century, and this knowledge puts limits in what we will discover next. New knowledge will have to be compatible with what we already know. Knowledge is progressive, it just doesn’t get overturned in a 180° turn.

Same people in denial. Probably because they spent something very valuable trying to justify nonsense. In this particular cable case, it’s just money, so I advice to these believers to just let it go while you can, and instead read more about critical thinking.

Posted by Bread  on  06/20  at  09:23 PM

People will hear what they want to hear and justify the price no matter how insance it sounds to others. $500 for a 1.5 meter pair cable is honestly old news in this world of ‘higher-price-must-be-better’ cable industry.

Posted by Michael  on  06/21  at  12:25 AM

As Jerko said, this is an ETHERNET cable; actually, anything over about $5 is too expensive. If you want a laugh, check out the reviews on Amazon. I think Denon could lose a lot of customers over this scam.

Posted by Michael Bauers  on  06/21  at  12:51 AM

There is probably little reason to test said $500 cable before dismissing it as too much money.  Why?

Because cheap ethernet cable manages to transmit the needed data with no errors on a regular basis.  It’s pretty reliable.

Which brings us to jitter.  Jitter is theoretically problematical.  But is it problematical in practice?  There is a lot written on that topic, but there seems to be a concensus that a properly functioning cable should add little jitter.

And I doubt much has been written about jitter over a Denon Link connection.  One would think it was designed to be a low jitter connection, unless Denon erred in their design.

Even so, if a cable could reduce jitter, and maybe manage to send bits with less errors, it should NOT cost $500.  That’s crazy talk to rational people.

Posted by Audio Evangelist  on  06/21  at  02:02 AM

Its amazing its only $500.  You need to look more closely at the cable than what some topical article notes to simply get everyone worked up.  Denon has designed and manufactrered quite a gem.  I’ve seen it, used it, and heard it.  It makes a huge difference.  The differential conductor that is symmetrically wound is a huge breakthrough for digital cables.  The rest is standard fare.  But the physical arrangement of the conductors is the real deal.  Listen for yourself.

Posted by Edwin  on  06/21  at  05:11 AM

Hi Audio Evangelist,
Dont believe your own ears. Your own mind will let you hear what you want at times. Just try to get your facts straight and know what a digital signal is and how that works. A “better” signal isn’t possible, just a good or a bad. The bad can be heard in more or less but good just stays good. No magic involved at all.

Posted by Joe Westfield  on  06/21  at  07:50 AM

Denon is full of it. 500.00 for a simple cable. Even MonsterCable is laughing at this one. I guess since times are getting tougher they need to squeeze as much out of the “higher” end customers as they can…. Obviously they need to after the first sub par blu ray players came out… How embarrasing!

Posted by Joe Westfield  on  06/21  at  07:51 AM

And I meant Denon’s first blu ray plaers!

Posted by Soundzilla  on  06/21  at  08:00 AM

It’s probably a typo and was supposed to be $49.99.

If I worked for Denon, that’s how I would handle this PR disaster. of course, I’d have to refund about $450 to the suckers who had more money than brains and bought at $499, but that would be a small price to pay to correct the “error”.

Posted by Audio Evangelist  on  06/21  at  02:28 PM


So you’re telling me your opinion without ever having heard it?  And your telling me I’m unable to trust my own ears having compared for myself?  I think you need to speak from hands-on experience vs. theoretical assumptions and technical guides. 

Remember—the world was once flat. 

Happy listening….

Posted by Glenn Smollinger  on  06/21  at  02:52 PM

This is pretty funny. The same people who are claiming they can hear a difference, all have computers that are full of cables carrying the same digital signals. If these cable drop even one bit, their computer can crash. These cables cost about $2 each.

Denon is cashing in on gullibility. It’s really a shame, and it gives me pause about buying a receiver from them.

Posted by Steve  on  06/21  at  03:01 PM

Even it makes an improvement, the very fact that it’s only a cable negates any possibility of it ever being worth $500.

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