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Deal: Up & Monsters, Inc. - $28
November 11, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
With some coupon finagling, you can grab Pixar’s latest Blu-ray releases for less than $30 from Target.
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Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  11/11  at  02:48 PM

UPDATE:  In-store prices may be even lower… some have reported back total after coupons being as low as $11 - $14, depending on the actual in-store price of each disc.

Posted by Crow  on  11/12  at  10:25 AM

my local Target was already out of Monsters Inc. yesterday but with $!0 coupon i was able to get Up for $9.97.  The instore price was only $19.97!

Posted by JIm  on  11/13  at  09:14 AM

I went to my local target yesterday and walked out of the store for $20.12 after sales tax!  Both movies were on sale, plus the coupons!

Posted by Crow  on  11/13  at  09:30 AM

what was the sale price of Monsters Inc. ?

Posted by Jeff  on  11/13  at  04:54 PM

Or go to Amazon.  Got Car, Monsters Inc., and Up Blu-rays for $34 with free shipping.  Enter code PIXARBLU at checkout.

Posted by Steve  on  11/24  at  09:18 AM

Target total after coupons: $0.98!

Up (BD) - in-store price $19.99
Monsters, Inc. (BD) - price-match with Best Buy ad $18.99 (when purchased with Up)
Subtotal: $37.98

Minus Disney mfg coupon for previous Monsters, Inc. owners ($8)
Minus Disney mfg coupon for Up on BD ($10)
Minus Target printable coupon for purchase of Up and Monsters, Inc on BD ($10)
Subtotal: $13.08 (after tax)

Then when I got home I realized there was one more $10-off coupon on the Monsters, Inc. package.  Brought the coupon and receipt back to Target, got $10 cash back (didn’t want to argue about tax)

Posted by Crow  on  11/24  at  09:23 AM

is the price match with Best Buy still good?  wasn’t that last weeks ad?

Posted by Steve  on  11/24  at  02:07 PM

Correct; sorry, I was just bragging about my experience during the week of the release. =)

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