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Deal: Circuit City Swaps Your HD DVD for Blu-ray
Circuit City Trade In
March 05, 2008 | by Gordon Jones
If you’re ready to switch teams, the red dot retailer is offering a trade-in/trade-up deal on recently purchased HD DVD players.
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Posted by AJ  on  03/05  at  12:53 PM

That is still good of them to offer it to those that feel jilted.

Posted by HD Guy  on  03/05  at  01:18 PM

Why not just wait for Blu-ray prices to come down? Why spend extra money when you will be able to enjoy those HD DVD movies for cheap? Plus if you can wait for BD 2.0, you would be wise to do so.

Posted by chos  on  03/05  at  01:49 PM

I wont be able to enjoy and new releases on hddvd and profile 2 is no big deal. For me I just want to watch the movie I don’t need internet and storage. if you hold a grudge jsut get the gift card ‘cause in a year you’ll regret it….in CA they dont expire so when prices go down on bd players you can join the rest of us war winners.

Posted by RR  on  03/05  at  02:11 PM

Why would you want to trade your HD-DVD player for Blu-Ray and get screwed again!?!?  Blu-Ray will not be the successor to DVD.  It is overpriced, unfinished technology.  Sure BD prices will come down, but only for the BD players < profile 2.0.  When BD profile 2.0 players do come out, you will still be paying a premium.  And by the time that does happen, I think digital download technology will have come to full fruition.  Plus upconverting SD-DVD technology will mature and be just as good as the current HiDef players are now.

Don’t waste your money.  If you are compelled to get rid of your HD-DVD player, get a gift card.

Posted by Dave C  on  03/05  at  02:13 PM

100% agree with your post chos :-)
How old are these people with grudges? 15?12? hehe

I have loved Blu-ray since day one of getting my PS3. If blu had died, I would not waste any more time and money with Blu. I would switch to red all the way because HDM is whats important to me not the colour of the box or the company it represents.

Children, sit up straight!

Posted by Dave C  on  03/05  at  02:24 PM

Yes, Blu ray players are crap until they have profile 2.0.
Many a time I watch a movie I wish I could play a little game for it (lets blow up Nemo) or go online and chat with others who loved it or see other titles by the same actor. Man, how I wish I could do all that…Oh.. wait..I can. Its this little thing called the internet. And, (yup, another plug) since I have a PS3, I just push the PS3 button and I have full access to this plus way way more.

Im so tired of hearing HD-DUD fan boys using profile 2.0 for their arguments.
Blu is ~$200 more than HD-DVD but as I always say, you get what you pay for:-) (dah, more studio support from day one)

..and great HD quality via downloads are still several years away and even then, people will want the choice to buy physical discs of movies they love, rather than down load it and hope the server is always fine and the provider doesnt go out of buisiness. You would think HD-DVD lovers would have already learnt this lesson… (Ouch)

Back to work…

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  03/05  at  03:15 PM

looks like Circuit City wasn’t the first to offer this deal. i knew i’d heard this story somewhere before…

Posted by ds  on  03/05  at  03:23 PM

how is this different from the regular return policy?

If I bought something from circuit city and decided to return it and had the receipt, they would return it?

Even if it is outside of the “30” days… I could easily see getting store credit as long as I had the box/receipt…..

Posted by ATL  on  03/05  at  03:48 PM

“RR” I could not agree less.  Upconverting SD-DVD technology will NEVER be as good as a source having more information and using it well.  Maybe we will all be downloading evrything in a few years but there is always a reason not to enjoy the best of what is available now. Let’s all wait for 3D aromavision.  Let’s all wait for the “Holideck.” I am going to have a good time enjoying blu-ray while the future sorts itself out.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  03/05  at  05:12 PM

ds, it’s been a while since i bought (or returned) anything at CC, but i think after 30 days you would be hard pressed to get a store credit, unless there was some outstanding issue. i can’t imagine walking in with my 10yo vcr, receipt in hand and get get my money back/store credit. i hope i’m wrong cause that would rock!

Posted by Vader  on  03/05  at  05:22 PM

OK Dave C, lets address each of your comments separately, shall we?

“How old are these people with grudges? 15?12? hehe”

That’s rich coming from someone who has a child’s toy as the centerpiece for their HT.

“…because HDM is whats important to me not the colour of the box or the company it represents”

I suppose that’s why you are using the same pathetic comments so pervasive in the blu camp.

“but as I always say, you get what you pay for:-)”

This I agree with.  There were always more movie on the red side I wanted vs the blu side, so the argument swing both ways: my Onkyo (XA2) cost $700, which is $300 more (in case you can’t subtract) than your beloved video game console.  I don’t care about gaming, so beyond that I will put the movie playback performance of my Onkyo up against your PS3 any day of the week.  Plus none of my movies have any DRM, nor BD+.  And the PQ is the same, if not better (but, then, you don’t care about PQ, since you spend all your time watching the bit-rate counter).

I don’t hold a grudge.  I just know how to think for myself, and not follow the BDA like some pre-adolescent lemming.

Posted by Tony D  on  03/05  at  09:40 PM

Did anyone check the source on this story? We’ve called 3 Circuit City’s in the NYC area and they flat denied this.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  03/05  at  10:33 PM

Tony, mixed results on my phone calls to 4 CCs across the country. two in the Boston area, one in Chicago and one in SF. i (think) i spoke with managers (or so they said, lord knows). 3 of the 4 gave me very rehearsed “corporate has no made no announcement regarding this promotion at this time” blah blah. one, however, in Chicago (awesome town) said that they were honoring the deal and that two customers had come in that day to trade their HD DVD players for gift cards. what does this mean? it’s a crap shoot i guess. odds are this promotion started as an quiet thing (other sites mention internal memos, etc) and now the boys at headquarters are deciding how to handle the news. sorry not more concrete, i’ll try a couple more locations tomorrow, and by all means, feel free to post what you find as well. thanks.

Posted by anonymous  on  03/06  at  12:47 AM


HD DVD – The End.
Toshiba stated in a press release that they will stop manufacturing and selling HD DVD players.
The marketplace has spoken in favor of Blu-ray. We are delighted that consumers now will be able to invest with confidence in next-generation video disc players and titles.
Based on Toshiba’s announcement, we expect to phase out HD DVD players and movie titles in our stores and on our Web site in the near future.

Why will Circuit City continue to sell HD DVD players for the near future?

There are large numbers of HD DVD movie titles still in circulation and some customers will want to be able to view those titles.

Also, HD DVD players are very affordable and will continue to play and up-convert standard DVDs with improved quality. So, during the phase-out, some customers will want a DVD player equipped with upconvert technology (and the ability to play HD DVD titles).

When will HD DVD players and movie titles disappear from our stores and Web site?

That will happen in the near future, depending on sell-through rates while HD DVD products go on clearance. We have implemented the following price changes (make sure your floor is tagged correctly):

These are fully functioning “upconverting” HD/DVD players that are now competitively priced!

And, of course, don’t forget the HDMI cable!

What about my HD DVD Endcap?

We’re developing an alternate plan over the next couple of weeks. Please keep it up in the meantime.

Important: About Returns

Q; What about customers who may try to return an HD DVD player – even if they have owned it for several months?

A: We do not want to upset our valued customers. For this special circumstance, we are happy to offer an exchange for a Blu-ray player (customer plays any difference in purchase price) – even if it has been several months since the customer made their HD DVD player purchase. If the customer does not want a Blu-ray player, we can issue a gift card refund for their original purchase price. For products purchased in the last 30 days, handle as usual.

(Note: all open-box and defective Toshiba HD DVD players are Return-to-Vendor and must be sent back to Toshiba.)

As per policy, we will not accept refunds of opened HD DVD software.

Posted by Mike  on  03/06  at  12:04 PM

I work with Circuit City and know the details regarding the HD DVD player trade-in policy.

Stores will accept returns for HD DVD players within 90 days of purchase.  Customers will receive store credit for the purchase price.  This applies only to players – not HD DVD discs.

Posted by Dave C  on  03/06  at  12:54 PM

Hey DUD Vader, sorry to hear you are stuck with a $700 future paper weight.

You are clearly one of those people who dont look outside the box.

YES, the PS3 is clearly an excellent gaming machine.
I actually dont own ANY games on it. Its black and shiny and looks great on the shelf above my amplifier. I spent a whole $20 to get an excellent remote that works from any where in the house.

I have imported 100’s of my CD into its hard drive using the highest bit rate to keep the original quality.

I have loaded in 1000’s of my pictures that this machine not only displays on a tv @ 1080p, it allows for excellent smooth zoom features and fun slide shows much smoother and clearer than most PC based programs.

Oh, it also plays a HD format that will continue for many years to come, along side of downloadable HD that is great for average movies where PQ is not so important.

SO,  Im not a kid who plays games on a ps3 (not that you have to be) but I am an adult who would not pay $700 for a rebadged Toshiba, using a format that was greatly in doubt when you bought it Im sure. Very inteligent. :-)

I will give you one thing though, if HD-DVD won, your machine would be the one I would consider getting.

Posted by consorts  on  03/06  at  02:11 PM

better trade-in deals will come, just be patient.  in Germany they were offering 200euro trade-in value toward the purchase of a 400euro BluRay.

Posted by Vader  on  03/06  at  02:24 PM

Mike c,

“Hey DUD Vader, sorry to hear you are stuck with a $700 future paper weight.”

On the contrary, I bought it because there is absolutyly nothing in blu world that even comes close as a movie playback device.  None of the other functionality you mention means anything to me, as I have no need to rip my CDs to the hard drive, or load pictures, or whatever.  It will only become a paperwieght if it stops playback and I cannot get it fixed.  Funny, My 13 year old LD player still runs just fine (never had it serviced), and should I need to I can get it serviced or even overhauled.  Not entirely sure where this “your HD=DVD movies will self-destruct come mat 31st.  For the blu side, I am looking at the upcoming Panny 50 to see if it measures up in quality to the Onkyo.

“Oh, it also plays a HD format that will continue for many years to come, along side of downloadable HD that is great for average movies where PQ is not so important.”

I will agree that if your primary source of HD is renting, then HD-DVD is clearly not the way to go at this point.  I only rent SD so I can guage blind-buys (I’ve gotten stung more than once).  I buy movies and build a library.  What is crazy is to re-buy those films I already have on HD-DVD on BR…. why?  There is no discernable advantage PQ-wise, and I prefer the HD-DVD experience.  And as far as DRM is concerned, what BR has right now is nothing compared to what downloads will be - I will have nothing to do with that.

“...$700 for a rebadged Toshiba, using a format that was greatly in doubt when you bought it Im sure. Very inteligent. :-)”

Yes, I bought it the day after the Warner announcement.  The format was not “very much in doubt” at that point, it was dead in the water.  The point is that I have a substantial library of films on a format with equivelent PQ, that in no way supports Sony.  If you are an adult, you will know that the primary backers of BR were also the same DIVX-cheerleaders from 10 years ago.  You will also remember that little thing called a root-kit that Sony tried a couple years back on certain music titles.  Try reading the EULA of the PS3.  It is nothing more than a CYA statement that grants Sony permission to track your every move (and by extension, look on your HD, “update” drivers, etc without your knowledge).  All this is done through the Java in the player.  Make no mistake, Hollywood’s dream is to maintain control over their films after you legally paid for them.  Their position is that you do not own the film, but are merely leasing the right to watch it.  If you want to play that game, that’s your prerogative.  However, I will not.  Neither of my players will ever be hooked into the internet (not that the Onkyo has to be), and the day is coming when a BR you legally purchased must be “validated” (read: ask Sony’s permission) before you can watch it.  Of course, Sony’s representative David Manning (hint: fake movie critic created by Sony 7 years ago to advertise their movies) says that is “poppycock”...;)  So, yes, I knew exactly what I was doing when I bought it, and will only buy into blu so far as Sony crosses the line.

Peace, Vader

Posted by Dave C  on  03/06  at  02:41 PM

Dec 12,2008 **News Flash** Sony has now taken over the world. They will decide what you watch and when you watch it….

Im scared.

Bottom line is, you dont make illegal copies, you dont get stung. End of story.
MY PS3 still works with out internet conection.

Posted by Onewhoknowsbetter  on  03/06  at  06:28 PM

Oh, please. Most movies are DVD quality when they are converted to HD anyway. You are looking at the positive of a negative that had HD pixels, but by the time they create the positive, they lose so much you see nothing but grain. Don’t believe me, go to a digital movie theater (AMC?) and see the grain. It’s not that Blu Ray or HD DVD is the scam, but the actual movie that is scanned is the problem. You can’t make silk out of a pig’s ear. Oh, yes, there a are few that use the high quality original to scan, but very few. Remember this is a business, people!  Oh, well, we continue…

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