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Deal: Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player - $289.98
Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player
April 18, 2008 | by Gordon Jones
If you just can’t wait for Blu-ray V2, this Sammy deal may be enough to hold you over.
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Posted by revko1  on  04/18  at  02:41 PM

Ok Samsung found way to get rid of their BR players, the only things they’re 100 bucks too high.


Posted by mak99  on  04/18  at  02:50 PM

“Complaints range from random shutdowns and luck-ups…”

Now THAT’S funny!  So people complain when the unit gets “lucky” and actually works right?!?!  You think they’d be happy about that!  :)

Thanks, no - I’ll pass on this Samsung and wait for BD players to someday reach (or exceed - gasp!) where HD DVD left off…

Posted by reedl  on  04/18  at  02:55 PM

Want a Blu-Ray player that will not be obsolete in 6 months?  Just buy a PS/3 with a DVD remote, and get a free gaming system, network video/audio player, and many other capabilities for the same price as that standalone player.

I seriously wonder why anybody would buy a BD player other than a PS/3 nowadays…

Posted by jverhey  on  04/18  at  03:04 PM

And this is the winner….

Posted by Crude Dude  on  04/18  at  04:11 PM

“I seriously wonder why anybody would buy a BD player other than a PS/3 nowadays… “

Because I want a player that looks like all of my other equipment(17"x14"x4”),I also don’t play games.The PS3 looks like it grills sandwiches.

Posted by Dan C  on  04/19  at  02:48 PM

I also read that Samsung is being sued because they won’t honor returns on this model due to no way to update the unit or some crap like that.

Posted by Tom  on  04/19  at  11:29 PM

Its sad that HD-DVD is gone :( Never had any problems with my HD-DVD players.

PS3 is one ugly unit. You are right though, it does look like a grill

Samsung 1500 is coming out soon, maybe that player is worth something

Posted by nobby stiles  on  04/20  at  12:34 PM

HD DVD is dead, it ain’t coming back, it’s gone, buried, not missed, ta-ta, happy trails, astavista, bon voyage, auf wiedersehen, good riddance. Get over it.

Posted by Dan C  on  04/20  at  01:32 PM

I am in no hurry to invest in a BD player with all the problems that I have read about. Besides, I have over 1800 regular DVDs and haven’t bought that first Blu-ray disc due to the many problems with the current players. One other factor is the price. No way will I spend over $200 for any DVD player, Blu-ray or otherwise.

Posted by RobRuffo  on  04/20  at  05:53 PM

Just buy a PS3 - it keeps updating, so it will never go out of date.

Posted by Robi  on  04/21  at  12:25 PM

This site should get up to date. The Sony PS3 is the way to go as it is the only BD player on the market which is designed to be future proof. See article link below. You also get all the other key features like gaming, upscaling of regular DVD’s. etc.. The new firmware releaases coming up also adds DTS 7.1 Master and HD Audio. The good news goes on and on.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  04/21  at  12:43 PM

Robi, i’ve said it before, and i’ll probably have to say it again - this is a DEAL post… not a review/endorsement of the product. in fact, i specifically mention the player’s (several) faults. i hear you, many readers have already pointed out that the ps3 is indeed a great BD platform, though i do understand why some would prefer the traditional box style for their equipment racks. so, let’s make a deal - i’ll get “up to date” when you start reading the titles ;)

Posted by Robi  on  04/21  at  06:18 PM

Sorry, Gordon, the deal I forgot to mention was the $100 rebate on PS3 at Best Buy.

But I stand by my comment about up-to-date info on the site as the reviewer on the new Samsung BD Player clearly advises readers that it is not a good time to buy any BD player because a new version of BD is “coming soon” which will make all players obsolete. Not an accurate statement when considering the PS3.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  04/21  at  09:25 PM

ah, gotcha Robi. it’s a strange arena right now, and the fact that the ps3 is such a better buy must be killing the manufacturers. just as strange is the absence of any ps3 bd advertising. i think i saw one ad touting it’s capabilities, but it seems most consumers are unaware.

Posted by PJM  on  04/22  at  02:38 AM

does anyone know when those new firmware upgrades are coming?  I just had to return two BD discs to Netflix because I couldn’t get the PS3 to pass DTS-HD to my receiver through HDMI 1.3a

Posted by DSN  on  04/22  at  11:24 AM

I purchased a Samsung 1400 at Xmas and have updated once (firmware) with no problems. The machine is slow to “key up” but has performed all that I have expected from it.
Granted there will always be a reason to wait for the next feature but for those that want to watch Blu-ray now it is a good machine

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  04/23  at  07:03 PM

bad news for those of you waiting on the BD-P1500. Samsung is delaying release til June (was May). good news is, they’re adding BD-Live. more here.

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