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Deal: Refurbished TiVo HD DVRs - $200 & $450
October 08, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Step up from your cable box with improved GUI, Internet streaming and more with deals on these TiVo HD DVRs straight from the company.
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Posted by John  on  10/08  at  02:04 PM

Does Tivo work on Timewarner? I cannot stand timewarner and would love an alternative

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  10/08  at  02:07 PM

If TimeWarner offers CableCard support in your area, then yes, TivoHD will work for you.  You’ll need to arrange CableCard installation through TimeWarner. Also, if you’re in a region where TimeWarner is pushing SDV, you’ll want to arrange an SDV adapter installation as well.

Posted by John  on  10/08  at  02:33 PM

Sorry just a little confused. So i would call my provider, see if they offer the CableCard support, then order the TIVO box and have timewarner install the card into my new TIVO box?

If this is what I do, I am then wondering, do I need to pay for DVR service or will this now work directly through the TIVO box with a TIVO subscription?

Posted by Rob  on  10/08  at  05:51 PM

I have COX, and cant stand them. If I get the TIVO do I still have to Keep my COX Cable subscription to still get my shows? If so I dont see the benifit, I would end up paying more. But, if it means All I would need to keep is the internet and TIVO gave me my shows then now were talking. Help Please!

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  10/09  at  10:03 AM


The process you outlined is correct, but you still have to pay for the Tivo service, which is likely about the same as you’re currently paying to rent your DVR from TW.  The cable cards are there purely to decrypt the digital programming.  All guide, scheduling, and other DVR service is still provided by Tivo. 


Being cheaper than the cable company DVR isn’t the goal here.  Having a better interface, performance, reliability, and internet streaming, and home network features is what the TivoHD gives you, and at a very small premium (cost of the box, difference in Tivo service and DVR rental).

Posted by Mike  on  10/09  at  03:02 PM

Having purchased a TiVO HD Refurb unit for a high end dedicated theater room, I would never recommend it.  I purchased one and spent 100’s of hours with TiVO and Comcast trying to trouble shoot a problem that TiVO swore it was the cable cards.  The problem was the TiVO and the orginal reason the first owner returned.  Pay the additional money and AVOID refurb units.

It is not worth the hassle….remember, the unit got returned for a reason!!!!

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  10/12  at  09:05 AM

Refurbished electronics always run the risk of hassle, and a time/hassle vs. cost savings analysis must be done by each individual consumer.  Personally I don’t think I would have spent 100 hours with Comcast before pushing harder for a replacement from Tivo.

This is anecdotal and unscientific, but over the last 10 years I’ve purchased probably a 50/50 mix of new and refurbished equipment, and I’ve seen roughly the same number of warranty/repair calls for both categories.  The key to limiting exposure is to stick with units that offer either the same warranty as new, or at least 1-year of warranty.  Otherwise, inexpensive extended warranties can also cover you for longer than the new MFG warranty while still keeping your total cost well below that of a new unit.

Posted by James  on  10/14  at  09:53 AM

I would like to say a few things about TIVO HD.  First, I love the ability to stream Netflix.  We watch all the old “Office’ episodes whenever we want, with ease.  (Plus, we get blurays delivered… Can’t say enough good things about Netflix).

On the other hand, the Tivo HD “guide” feature is downright terrible.  I much, much, much prefer Time Warner’s guide and the user interface in general.  Everything was so simple.  Tivo is tedious.  My biggest complaint about the Tivo guide is the fact you can’t see what is showing in the future on a channel unless your cursor highlight is on that particular channel.  I miss being able to see current and future programming in blocks of channels.  Now I can only see future programming on one channel at a time.  That is the only real flaw.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  10/14  at  12:25 PM


It’s quite easy to change the guide style to the more traditional grid you’re used to.  Check out the below link describing how to do so:

Posted by CoxTech1  on  10/15  at  07:25 AM


If you’re having any specific problems or concerns regarding your Cox service I’d be more than happy to help.  As to your question, the TiVo unit is simply a 3rd party set top box.  You would still need to subscribe to video services from a provider of your choice.  In our case installation of cable cards is required.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  10/15  at  08:39 AM

See my comment just below the one you posted.  Basically, if they support CableCard in your area, the answer is yes.

Posted by Jeff  on  10/21  at  12:58 PM

IMHO Tivo needs to strike a deal with the cable companies that the cable companies use their boxes and consumers can have the option to UPGRADE to the TIVO service whch also has netflix and other web services.

Posted by James  on  10/22  at  05:34 AM

Thank you Steven!  That has been driving me crazy.  You da man!

Posted by James  on  10/22  at  05:35 AM

Pardon me-> Stephen, no v.  Sorry it’s early.

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