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Deal: Pioneer KRP-500M 50-inch Kuro Plasma - $1,594
August 26, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
An authorized Pioneer dealer, combined with Microsoft’s new search engine, bring the cost way down on the acclaimed Kuro plasma.
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Posted by Jamie  on  08/27  at  08:00 PM

Beach Camera is not listed as an authorized dealer on Pioneer’s website so I’d be concerned about getting warranty from Pioneer.  I was going to purchase one a few weeks ago but then found out I’d be doing it at the sacrifice of the warranty!

Posted by Robert Zohn  on  08/27  at  08:40 PM

This publicity and the popularity of Pioneer’s Kuro panels has surprisingly fueled a price war among the few retailers who have the last of these legendary HD panels.

It’s sad to see the final days of the world’s best HD flat panel display.


Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  08/28  at  12:23 PM

Beach Camera is listed as an authorized dealer.  Do a quick Dealer search using the 08817 zip code.

Posted by Jamie  on  08/30  at  04:42 PM

I went to Pioneer’s website and selected plasma display and then KRP-500M as the TV I’m looking to purchase using the zip code I found on Beach Camera’s website.  This is also the zip code you listed and they do not show up as an authorized dealer in the listing either.  Cross Roads Audio Video is the first dealer that shows up with that zip code once you select plasma displays.  I know I talked to a rep at Abe’s of Maine and he said they were authorized to sell it at their B&M;but not authorized to sell it online.

I just think it’s important that people realize they may be getting a deal but it’s with no warranty.

Posted by Robert Zohn  on  08/30  at  05:03 PM

Sorry I don’t think Abe’s of Main is a Pioneer Authorized dealer either.  I believe Abe’s of Main and Beach Camera may have been dealers some time ago, but are no longer authorized.

To confirm an authorized dealer you can also call Pioneer Customer Service directly at 800-421-1404.

All of this publicity has put pressure on the remaining inventory that the few authorized dealers had on-hand.  I know our company jumped in and reduced the prices on our KRP-500M.

So all in all this was a good thing as it created a buying frenzy with some very compelling prices for the consumers.



Posted by Bhella  on  09/23  at  04:05 PM

I just called Beach Camera and they initially told me they were authorized and then when they double checked they said “most likely we are not”.  That means NO, they are not an authorized dealer.

Posted by Larry Senf  on  02/04  at  08:09 PM

That is a deal on the Pioneer KRP 500 M Kuro Plasma TV. Do you still have those or can tell me where to find one at that price.


Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  02/04  at  09:09 PM

Sorry, but this was posted back in August and they didn’t stick around too long back then.  Keep an eye on our Daily (usually) Deals posts for other great Plasma and LCD deals.  Thanks!

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