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Deal: Panasonic 42” G25 Series Plasma for $998
April 19, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
ABT Electronics has a solid non-3D Panasonic plasma model on sale for today only.
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Posted by Scott  on  04/19  at  11:18 AM

The G25 is neither top-of-the-line nor last year’s model. It is part of the new 2010 line and is a step below the top V25 series.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  04/19  at  11:38 AM

You’re correct on both parts… my mistake.  The G25 is indeed a 2010 model and their top non-3D model.  It also should NOT exhibit the black-level shift issue of the ‘08 and ‘09 models.  Thank you for catching my oversight!

Posted by Scott  on  04/19  at  11:53 AM

Based on what I’ve heard, the new Panasonic’s may also exhibit the black level shift-just not as dramatically.
Panasonic has stated that the 2010 models increase base drive levels over time, but more gradually than the older models.
If the increased levels match the decrease in phosphor efficiency the black levels will remain the same, otherwise they will increase, but not as dramatically as before.
If you have different information I’d love to hear about it.

Posted by Arlen Schweiger  on  04/19  at  12:05 PM

Updated. Thanks for the catches

Posted by Will  on  04/22  at  10:21 AM


I am interested in purchasing the new 2010 Panasonic G25 model.  You state that this model should not exhibit the black-level shift issue of the 2009 models.  Wondering what you are basing that on?  Just want to be sure that this model will not have the same issues as the 2009….


Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  04/22  at  10:42 AM


I’ve talked with a couple of different Panasonic reps that have told me the black level shift should no longer be present.  It was not made clear whether “present” meant measurable or perceivable, but given the amount of press the problem has received, I can’t imagine it would be repeated to anywhere near the same degree as in the ‘08 and ‘09 models.

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