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Deal: Onkyo 7.1 “Hi-Def” Receiver - $539.99
Onkyo TX-SR705S
March 17, 2008 | by Gordon Jones
Hi-def is more than just big TV’s and Blu-ray players. To fully appreciate you’ll need a receiver like the Onkyo TX-SR705S.
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Posted by locke6854  on  03/17  at  05:59 PM

I personally own the Onkyo 605, and I love it.

The 605 is pretty much the 705 but with 90 watts a channel instead of 100 and 2 hdmi inputs instead of 3.  It supports the nextgen codecs like dolby truehd and dts master HD, along with multichannel pcm. Yes, it also has farouja DCDi upscaling.

Oh yea, its also $200 cheaper.  Even cheaper if you know where to go (online retailers rather than brick-and-morter).

Posted by Nojoke  on  03/17  at  11:22 PM

The Onkyo TX-SR705 is VERY similar to Onkyo TX-SR605 model for sure. I had the 605 model, but had to replace it with the Yamaha 663 model…why you ask. The heating issue with the Onkyo was too big an issue to ignore.  While the Onkyo units has all the nnecessary features that any consumer will be happy with, an overheating issue will surely take its toll on any electronic gadget at some point. Buying a cooling fan should not be a solution if the unit was not made to run hot-period. The Yamaha has, and supports all of the features of the Onkyo has, except for the heating issue.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  03/18  at  02:57 PM

agreed, the 605 is a real bargain considering you lose very little in terms of features. if the heat isn’t an issue (no idea if this is systemic) i saw a deal for $342.76 at use the code “AFL5” and get another 5% off. free shipping too.

Posted by locke6854  on  03/18  at  03:21 PM

I’m aware of heat issues reported by some users.  I personally don’t have a heat problem, but I have a very well ventilated entertainment system (open back/front/sides)

I imagine if you have glass doors, or a closed back with holes cut for wires, then poor ventilation might contribute.

The 605 and 705 don’t have cooling fans.  For active cooling, you’d need to spring for the 805.  But as I said, I’m happy with my 605.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  04/25  at  09:56 AM

just noticed that now has this receiver down to $488. quite a deal. link you’ll need to use coupon code “AFL5”.

Posted by Surfer44  on  06/29  at  07:08 PM

I have an Onkyo TX-SR875 that has burned up in two weeks. I had notified Onkyo of the excessive heating ( you could NOT put your hand on top after twenty minutes). They said that was normal.I had 14 inches above and 6 inches clearance on all sides (open air). Onkyo Customer Support IS THE WORST I have EVER encountered. I have NO WARRANTY since I bought it on the internet (from a seller that I specifically asked if it had the warranty). They told me YES, ONKYO says NO! I have two other Onkyos from the 80s and 90s. I’ll NEVER buy their junk again!

Posted by Joe T.  on  06/29  at  08:04 PM

II’d be more upset with an unauthorised reseller who lied to
me than Onkyo, who is only protecting its dealers.

Posted by Surfer44  on  06/29  at  08:48 PM

I am very upset with this dealer and I am taking action against them.
  I DID try to buy this unit from Circuit City and they did not carry the “upper end” Onkyos in their store, but I could order it . When I asked how long for the unit to get to the store, they could not tell me.
I have two other Onkyo units and they have worked perfectly for over twenty years. That is why I chose this unit.
Regardkess of who sold the unit it SHOULD NOT have over-heated and failed. That to me is poor Q.A.

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  07/02  at  10:22 AM

Surfer, thx for the tip. Onkyo is on my list for next receivers. i’ve heard people complain about the heat issues before, but never heard of a complete failure. not to doubt, but are you sure your unit failed due to heat or could it be unrelated? regardless, i think anyone considering an onkyo would be wise to consider the venting issue.

Posted by Surfer44  on  07/02  at  02:53 PM

Check out the over-heating problems for the Onkyo TX-SR-875 on amazon. com. There are quite a few people that have had the same problem. Some of them have had sparking, I have not.

Posted by SE  on  07/03  at  10:51 AM

Try a Denon.  Had great luck over past 14 years.  And go to the manufacturers website or call them to verify if the dealer is authorized.  Sometimes saving a few bucks ain’t worth the loss of warranty and most un-authorized dealers are going to tell you any lie to get you to buy; I mean they are willing to sell grey market items so why would they be honest about anything else.

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