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Deal: Blu-ray Movie Sale - as low as $7.99
May 06, 2008 | by Gordon Jones
Sure, the players still cost an arm, but the Blu-ray discs are indeed dropping.
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Posted by Tom  on  05/06  at  03:44 PM

Talk about pathetic titles.. what a waste of internet space!! I think there were only 2 or 3 at $7.99

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  05/06  at  03:47 PM

Tom - “as low as $7.99”. read that carefully.

and please tell me you did not just call Bikini Destinations a waste!

Posted by Greg  on  05/07  at  07:32 AM

For anyone to want to buy Blu-Ray and ANY price, there have to be movie titles we actually want to watch.  Blu-Ray is spectacular but it won’t make a “B” movie into an “A” movie.

Posted by Samantha Clark  on  05/13  at  01:34 PM

Most of those titles you mentioned, Gordon, are from Lionsgate, and Lionsgate was the first studio to do a permanent reprice on any Blu-ray titles, including some of these. (Here’s a story to check out: Plus, Lionsgate has a lot of horror titles, so that’s where your slasher theory comes in. Those titles have had another price cut recently to get them down to’s level. Amazon has them priced low too. Samantha Clark (

Posted by Gordon Jones  on  05/13  at  01:45 PM

well Samantha, your explanation makes my theories look pretty stupid ;) thanks!

Posted by Samantha Clark  on  05/13  at  01:48 PM

No, not at all, Gordon. :) Actually, I think all three of your theories are the reasons why Lionsgate chose those titles. They know horror fans are rabid for the best looking blood around. Samantha Clark (

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