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Deal: AV123 MFW-15 Subwoofers - $899 to $1,099 Per Pair
February 26, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This big-boy subwoofer from AV123 is on sale to add some boom to your audio system.
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Posted by Say Wha?  on  02/28  at  12:49 PM

The owner of this company was indicted by a grand jury two days ago.  All he did was steal $180,000.00 from over 700 victims in the guise of charitable donations. Avoid like the plague.  Sloppy journalism at its best.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  02/28  at  02:38 PM

Mark Schifter, CEO of AV123, was indicted on Charity Fraud on Friday.  Initial reports were confirmed after this deal was first posted.  While Mr. Schifter’s alleged actions are indeed deplorable, details are scant, especially in regards to how operations of AV123 were involved, if at all.

Posted by Say Wha?  on  02/28  at  03:08 PM

They used their company’s (AV123) online checkout system to ring up raffle tickets.  I would imagine more charges could be coming. 

The details aren’t very scant in the indictment if you care to read it.  Sorry, but I wouldn’t send anybody there if they cared about a warranty from an already problem ridden product.  Mark Schifter is that company and if he goes down so does the company.  If you feel comfortable giving this the EH seal of approval then thats great, but I would say its not just sloppy journalism but irresponsible too.

Posted by Umm  on  03/01  at  08:10 AM

It should also be noted that the deal is for open box subs with finish imperfections. The new units are $699 for a single or $1099/1199 for the dual. Off course, shipping is pretty steep on items of this weight, but I think it’s discounted somewhat on the B-Stock subs.

Posted by Chu Gai  on  05/12  at  02:30 PM

The details are scant, Stephen, especially at the present time, because AV123 has erased or rendered invisible, all of Mark Schifter’s postings. The matter itself has been covered extensively and for some time at Audioholics in the Steam Vent section. As to their subwoofers, a reading of the company’s site and others will indicate they are very problematical units and hardly worthy of any sort of recommendation that is unless one would also recommend Yugos. A bit more diligence on your part would be appreciated otherwise you’re doing a great disservice to the buying public.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  05/12  at  04:00 PM

This product posting was made before any details of Mr. Schifter’s indictment were released (though the day of).  The deal itself has since expired, also. 

My comments on the performance of the product in my own still stand.  I can’t, however, recommend the product based purely on the questionable future of the company and possible diminished abilities to supply future customer support and warranty service. 

As for Mr. Schifter, he is still innocent until proven guilty and I will not pass any judgement in regards to his legal proceedings.

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