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Cyborg Theater Inspired by Terminator
December 01, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A Canadian couple went over-the-top for their cyborg apocalypse theater. 
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Posted by Mike  on  12/01  at  02:15 PM

I think the metal around the screen and on the side walls was a very poor choice, what was the integrator thinking when he designed this using a front projection system and shining it towards the screen?

No matter how focused the lens is on the screen any ambient light will reflect back off those side walls and on to the screen, a dark grey or black matte would have been a better solution and I’m not talking about a highly reflective metal that looks like it came from a couple of trucks from the Alberta rigs.

I guess if ““The customers are ecstatic with the performance of the theater” that’s all that matters and the sale was made however I would never suggest anybody put reflective metal around the screen you are projecting at and the side walls.

Posted by Chris  on  12/01  at  06:53 PM

W.T.F!?! I’m embarrassed to live in the same province as this monstrosity. What is that above the projector? Split loom, Signal and Power hockey taped together? Don’t get me started on the ‘Diamond Plate’

Posted by vividfx  on  12/01  at  08:02 PM

To all you haters of the diamond plate

1) First of all, the diamond plate was the customers request. Regardless of our reccomendations, ultimately the customer gets what they want. You’ll be more successful in business once you realize that!
2) We chose the Black Diamond screen for a reason. There is absolutely no change in picture with or without the Diamond plate with this screen because ambient light/reflections are not an issue. Maybe you should actually read the article before commenting. Or maybe you only look at the pictures because you cant read.
3) We were fully prepared to do sound corrections using proper materials to fix the reflections, but upon metering and calibration, realized that only minimal adjustments were required. The diamond plate actually helped the sound quality.
4) As for the projo mount, the power cabling was fed through the custom fabricated arms, so they were not taped together. The only picture available to upload (customers are on vacation) was a preliminary shot since the customer asked us to provide a local HDMI input in the wall for his Xbox connect after we finished the Theatre. Those are the wires and balun you see taped together until we can finish it properly.

Posted by Mike  on  12/01  at  09:03 PM

I’m successful in business, the customer gets what they want but a professional always recommends they don’t outfit the basement to look like a welding rig from Fort McMurray for more than obvious reasons professional CI’s would never do.

As for the screen and ambient light and it not being an issue, I assume you did a ISF calibration before and after adding the reflective metal plate or did you just stand back and eye it up?

The diamond plate helped the sound quality? You must be used to the sound of Edmonton nightclubs where kids call each other “haters”

What did you meter and calibrate it with? An SPL meter from Radio Shack or perhaps you just stood back and said “Yep, she sounds good”!

One look at your company website speaks a million words.

Posted by vividfx  on  12/01  at  09:45 PM

One question…mike…

Who created the job, did the job, made the customers extremely happy, didn’t force their superiority attitude on the customer (like most CIs in this province), got 3 referrals (a 250K theatre for one), has had numerous other websites and magazines expressed interested in publishing the theatre as well and got the job published on THIS website?

Oh yeah! WE DID !!!

I agree the diamond plate wouldn’t be the best choice and probably would never do it again, but keeping our customers happy is job #1. Proving how superior we are and forcing them to do things (regardless of what our training tells us) is not even remotely on the list.  I hope you “professional” CI’s keep jacking up the prices, forcing products and ideals they don’t want and making customers feel inferior by the choices they make with your elitist attitudes. I just got off the phone with someone who had an unpleasant conversation with one of you “professionals” that don’t listen.
I’m having my best year yet with the ones you #### off and insult. Congrats.

As far as what we use for calibration, it does the job. This was not a showcase for the best sound quality possible, just a fun room that a family can enjoy a movie with their friends.

As far as our website is concerned. It also does the job. We haven’t had to do anything with it in 2 years. We don’t rely on our website to get us work.


  If you rely on your website to do your selling for you, you need to hire a salesman! Or do a better job and get referrals like a real professional. Probably both.

Good Luck. You’ll need it with that elitist attitude!

Posted by GS  on  12/03  at  01:04 PM

I agree the website may not be the best looking thing ever, but it does actually have some good messages on it about what they do and how they do it.. In fact, I may be borrowing a few of those to paraphrase on my own site :)

Posted by Dustin Harper  on  12/03  at  01:32 PM

I really love the Terminator theme. Personally, I don’t like all the diamond plating, it looks “too much” to me. I’d also be worried about reflections and whatnot off the plating. But, that is my opinion. Some people LOVE diamond plating.

I think VividFX did a great job bringing this guys ideas to life. It looks amazing, some great work. I am a big Terminator fan myself, and aside from the diamond plating it looks like what I would imagine my HT looking like! :)

Excellent work. Definitely not a hater here! It’s all in what the CUSTOMER wants, and I respect that A LOT. There are so many companies out there that care about the bottom line and that’s it. They forget the customers are the ones that make their business. I think the customer should have as much input into the design and process as they care to have. After all, they are the ones that are going to spend the time in there enjoying the theater, not the contractor.

Well done, VividFX.

Posted by AC  on  12/03  at  03:54 PM

I can’t believe the homeowners would be happy with this. The whole thing reeks of cheapness. To each his own, I guess…

Posted by AC  on  12/03  at  03:58 PM

And WOW… Looking at the comments from vividfx, who the hell would hire them after the nasty comments they made to people here who were just expressing their opinion? If you’re so busy, how come you have time to come here and insult commenters with your condescending attitude?

Stay classy, vividfx!

Posted by Greg  on  12/10  at  07:11 PM

Audiocontrol Bijou THX Room Correction Equalizer

Why is this even in the system?

Posted by JimBob  on  12/10  at  10:16 PM

Because its a THX system silly ;-)    </sarcasm>

Posted by Greg  on  12/12  at  01:42 PM

I found it rather funny, maybe they don’t know that their processor offers Audyssey?

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