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Custom Programming Switches Theater Between Surround and Stereo Modes
August 20, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The Sound Vision used some clever Crestron automation to get the best performance out of Monitor Audio Speakers.
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Posted by Andy  on  08/20  at  03:55 PM

I read this twice and it left me puzzled. Am I to understand that when they wish to listen to music, the theater owners pivot around to face the rear of the room, and that the front speakers stay silent?

Posted by TSV  on  08/25  at  08:57 PM

No the front speakers stay on. They still provide the front channel information. The sides and rears switch between diople and direct radiating when the button is pushed. The GXFX have a 12 volt trigger that allow them to switch between dipole and direct radiating.

Makes for a truly amazing A/B demo setting for those that wish to decide which one they would prefer if they didn’t have the GXFX available.

If multi-channel music is of any importance then you should use direct radiating. For movies the added impact of the extra information shared is truly noticeable.

Posted by Andy  on  08/26  at  07:01 AM

All your points are understood, but this seems to not be about multichannel music at all. The article clearly says “three GX305 Monitor Audio speakers at the front of the room stay silent.”

Posted by Finn  on  08/27  at  12:22 PM

The article is indeed very confusing. An “audiophile” listening to 2-channel stereo (and why not? A well-designed theater is going to be the best listening environment - free of extraneous noise and acoustically balanced) would prefer to listen to the front L & R speakers, only. With some processing, they may even consider adding the center speaker and sub(s). Multichannel (“surround”) audio, whether from SACD/DVD-A/HFPA/digital download would technically be “pure” from monopole vs. dipole mode on the surrounds, but it would be nice to have the option - some of those “surround” mixes are merely 3.0/3.1 with “ambiance”, and the dipole setup might fit better in those circumstances.

As for the article, a little proofreading is necessary before posting: “they divide in movie audio” is both poor English and technically incorrect; “three GX305 Monitor Audio speakers at the front of the room stay silent” is probably not what was meant, especially when listening to 2.0 - 3.1 music,  - in fact, the opposite (surrounds silent) would be true; “turn [on/off] these lights” - somehow, I don’t think the theater’s lights rotate, but who am I to know?. My favorite is how the automation caters to the listeners/viewers’ need for a snack -“intermission command brings up the scones”! I want one of those!

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