The Greener Choice: CFLs or Dimmers?
cfl vs. dimmer
January 31, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Both can lighten your lighting load, but do you have to make a choice?
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Posted by Tony  on  02/03  at  02:58 PM

CFL containe lead in them and are considered a hazardous material. Dont kid yourself due some research on CFL and be informed of the danger they can cause. CFL are a step in the right direction but need to be less harmfull and less costly to dispose of.

Posted by Monkey Man  on  02/03  at  10:16 PM

Dimmers eat energy so the savings is not what you would think.

As for lead content, well incandescents have lead in the base too, thats what that little blurb of metal at the bottom is.

CFL’s are getting better and better, though the light still is a tad harsh.

The best investment of all?  Skylights!

Posted by Tony  on  02/04  at  08:51 AM

CFL also contain Mercury.

Posted by TR  on  02/04  at  09:36 AM

Skylights serve little for lighting a room in the evening… your idea is great for during the day (when I’m usually at work) but doesn’t bode well for nighttime activity.

As far as dimmers “eating energy” you need to do your research a bit more. You will find that the energy “eaten” is equal to the amount “eaten” by a CFL ballast.

Also, CFL’s should not be mounted “base up”: as in a reccessed can (where most CFL’s find themselves). This reduces the life of the CFL dramatically (read the instructions…!)

Posted by Karen  on  01/26  at  01:05 PM

U guys r GEEKS!!!

Posted by TR  on  01/26  at  01:56 PM

“The geeks shall inherit the earth…”

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