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CEDIA Day 3: The Return of 3D
3-D in Home Theater
September 06, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A 3D technology that doesn’t require glasses is demoed behind closed doors at CEDIA. And there’s talk Blu-ray wants a piece of the 3D pie.
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Posted by Dave M.  on  09/06  at  10:14 AM

““A strange physical bug that occurred when young women viewed any content in that format for more than 45 minutes also hampered X3D.”“

I’d love to hear the details on this. It sounds like a made up story to me without no basis in fact. Typical for the journalism industry these days.

Posted by jonathan  on  09/06  at  10:58 AM

I have been hoping that Blu-ray woud do the the 3D thing for a good bit now.  I just hope it pans out.

Posted by Gideon Davidson  on  09/09  at  12:12 AM

This sounds like just the thing to make Blu-Ray a must-have. I already prefer it greatly to DVD, funnily enough especially for the lossless sound it offers. 3D would be a ‘no looking back’ advance, perhaps even on the scale of the introduction of colour TV.

Posted by Gary Ford  on  09/09  at  06:29 AM

I have heard of this, and I hope they will be lowering the prices of this gadgets into a more convenient price for consumers, so that it will be appropriate to be given as a gift.

Posted by SHERWIN  on  09/11  at  11:02 AM

I was part of a team that experimented with 3d VCR, TV and early DVD technology about 8n years ago. After only a week, several of our female researchers and participants came down with a slight tummy ache and dizzyness.

In addition, they also experienced some temporary balance problems,. When the scientist and CTOs daughter came down with same symptoms only a day later, the company stopped the trials.
Overseas the product trials lasted longer until the same results…almost all female responses were realized.
At that point and with subsequent research there is a motion and visual issue that certain kinds of 3D technology used to cause.
I have been assured by several sources that this known issue has been solved with better algorithms and improved motion simulators

Posted by Ed Mazza  on  10/02  at  03:27 PM

I worked with NewSight back in 2005/2006. I have compared them with other 3D without glasses displays and they are supperior. It looks like we are getting closer to 3D in the home. Good work Keith and team. With all the work in 3D, increased bandwidth available to the home, the reality that we all worked for is getting closer.

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