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CE on the Cheap: Are You Really Saving?
April 23, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
On second thought, maybe that Costco TV wasn’t such a good idea after all.
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Posted by Justin  on  04/24  at  12:03 PM

Do you think they were asked to write this article by the high-priced manufacturers like Monster - in response to the article they wrote not more than a few months - stating that the hdmi cables found on Amazon and others are just as good? I bought a $1 HDMI cable on Amazon and used it right next to an expensive cable through a hdmi switch box, and they are identical qualities… Can you say sell out?

Posted by IsleOfMan  on  04/24  at  12:15 PM

I doubt they caved to cable MFGs, but their use as a source for quote in the article without balance is less than subjective.  I’d say the magazine’s CI customer/advertiser base has more to do with it.  As a whole I think EH is pretty balanced in their representation of CII vs. DIY and budget vs. high-end… just not this article when looked at independently of the magazine/site’s other content.  The fact that it does contradict, to a degree, prior articles is somewhat interesting.

Posted by IsleOfMan  on  04/24  at  12:15 PM

“Subjective” should have been “objective”.

Posted by Sam  on  04/27  at  01:14 PM

I disagree with literally every single point made in this article.  This article should be entitled, do you enjoy being ripped off?  Read how!

Posted by Jeff  on  04/27  at  06:02 PM

You guys are idiots! You seriously don’t have a clue! I was born in this industry, (Literally)
If you spend any time in the field you would know exactly what she is talking about! Do you have the first clue about how HDMI works beyond a single cable? How about bit-rate or HDCP? Do you know the tolerance over an entire system before things go wrong. Being that this magazine is intended for professionals, your ability to spew diarrhea from the mouth without any knowledge of what you’re talking about embarrasses me.

Good work Julie, keep it up.

Posted by IsleOfMan  on  04/27  at  06:10 PM

The “field” is in my house, my family’s houses, and my friend’s houses… these aren’t Crestron & Fireball systems feeding whole-house video, but they are far more than an HTIB and an LCD.  With these systems I’m as liable for the performance as any CI and I’m on-call nearly 24/7/365.. especially weekends and holidays.  And in every instance long runs of Monoprice HDMIs, DIY pre-wiring, smart online shopping (including refurbs and closeouts), plenty of devices without discrete codes, and especially Harmony remotes ALL operate without fail day-in and day-out. 

Just because a site/magazine is CI oriented doesn’t mean it, and more vocally its readers, need to spread overcooked propaganda to try and push capable people away from DIY.

Posted by Jeff  on  04/27  at  06:21 PM

Nobody is trying to push the DIY out of the game but anybody that says there is no difference in HDMI cables is either on crack or doesn’t know what they are talking about. Wait until bitrate increases across the board and then get back to me on this. A good resource for those in doubt is

Posted by IsleOfMan  on  04/27  at  06:51 PM

And saying that you can’t reliable results out of inexpensive solutions is JUST as short sighted.

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