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Car Barn Roars with 6,000+ Watts Sound System
car barn
March 19, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Velodyne subwoofers half the size of refrigerators help pump out the music muscle in this 16,000-square-foot car barn.
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Posted by Jared  on  03/19  at  08:40 PM

Only three pictures?  What’s the point?

Posted by More Pics Plz  on  03/19  at  09:29 PM


Posted by Jon Ottati  on  03/20  at  09:37 AM

If you want to see more pics of this job go to  If you want more than that email me and I will do what I can.

Posted by Pw  on  03/20  at  06:59 PM

Not really what I consider a GOOD sound system. Crown is considered commercial equipment. Just big speakers and lots of power. You can buy MUCH better. Nice cars though!

Posted by Goober  on  03/20  at  08:39 PM

Hi Todd,  I have done a variation of your theme,  just wish I’d epoxied the floor first.  Going around the hoists afterwards is annoying.  So for additional impact,  may I recommend for the low end a couple Bass Tech 7 Servo subs.  They are very efficient so a huge amp is not required.  Warning - when you fire them up for the first few times you might think something is on fire.  It’s just the fine dust coming down off the rafters,  < central shop vac will take care of that >.  Also,  LED strip lighting with daylight color temperature makes it real easy to spot imperfections in finishes.  Congrats on your work.

Posted by Jon  on  03/21  at  01:08 AM

PW ...  In this application you know that you have a huge space to fill with sound, very poor acoustics (concrete floors, metal surfaces everywhere, and hard wood panel walls and ceilings), and a client that wants “rock concert” sound levels that he “can feel”. Now granted the sound levels requested are fairly easily achieved- but now be able to maintain them for 8-10 hours straight with out damage to any equipment.  And try to do it with minimal distortion.  And keep in consideration the client is not an audiophile by definition.  Just out of curiosity what would you recommend for “GOOD” equipment, that wouldn’t be considered commercial gear?

Posted by Goober  on  03/21  at  09:52 AM

Hi Jon,  re:  “commercial” gear ?
Most sound companies need to have the latest tech to compete
But,  there’s nothing wrong with last years models
Especially nowdays,  it’s possible to pick up some incredible deals on pre owned pro gear.
Gear used only on indoor corporate gigs,  vs outdoor dust bowls,
can even look like brand new. 
Couple of sites to wander thru:
As always,  practice safe sound

Posted by John F.  on  03/30  at  02:14 PM

He needs “to feel it” because he suffers from massive hearing loss or he’s deaf. His music choices maybe Rock, rap or Heavy Metal to have that much bass. Ear plugs set at -5db may also help to hear all of that.

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