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Cable Facts and Fables
February 06, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A few quick cable tips revealed and some common myths dispelled, courtesy of Straight Wire’s Steven Hill.
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Posted by Michael  on  02/06  at  11:52 AM

What a load of crap.

Posted by Jeff Kalman  on  02/06  at  12:40 PM

Fable: Wearing underwear on your head while listening to music makes the music sound better.

Fact: While wearing underwear on your head when listening to music does not affect the sound quality, wearing strange and unusually shaped hats does.  An interesting hat will electrify the musical performance giving it a sheen it lacked previously.

Posted by Jeff Kalman  on  02/06  at  12:42 PM

Heheh, the author wouldn’t even put his name on the article… :P

Posted by Mike  on  02/06  at  02:31 PM

Wow, I think Electronic House just thoroughly discredited itself.  Anyone who has been around home audio for more than five minutes knows the snake oil nature of premium cable claims.

I really loved the explanation of the differences in size of silver vs. copper molecules.  You can’t make that stuff up! (well, apparently you can).

Posted by Physicist  on  02/06  at  02:49 PM

quote from the article:  “it has a different sonic structure (clearer and faster for highs, not as full for bass). Silver molecules are smaller and closer together than copper. The size and spacing of copper molecules makes them the majority choice for mid- and low-frequency applications.”

This made me laugh out loud.  The author should be ashamed of himself.  Cables do not possess “Sonic structure”.  Electronic home should be embarrassed.

Posted by Paul  on  02/06  at  02:56 PM

Cool.  I sometimes see links to Electronic House from the AVS front page.  Now I know that I’ll never have to click to read the rest of the article ever again.

Posted by Tyler Rynberg  on  02/06  at  03:06 PM

Ah yes, nothing like getting a “Facts and Fables” article straight from the PR jerk from a Cable Monger.  Is this really what journalism has sunk too?  I’m afraid it has.

Posted by rene  on  02/06  at  03:07 PM

Hilarious stuff, if only the guy from straight wire wasn’t serious.

Maybe this site should call itself Electronic Voodoo House, after this article it might fit better.

Posted by Thaddeus Bonk  on  02/06  at  03:10 PM

What a bunch of bunk. Electronic House gotta get PAID, yo!

Posted by slightlyjaded  on  02/06  at  03:37 PM

Open letter to the editorial staff:

Listen, I don’t know much about your magazine, and I only started reading it recently, through links on the front page of AVS Forum. But I’m having a hard time seeing why I should bother, due largely to articles like this.

You publish what amounts to a marketing piece for high-end cables—with no mention whatsoever that many, if not most audio/video-philes believe that the entire high-end cable industry is nothing but a scam.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Either:

A. Your editorial staff is far less educated on the subject of home theatre than your target readership; or

B. Your publication is less interested in providing insights to educated readers than in providing a marketing vehicle for advertisers, without the hassle of objective editorial review.

If there is another explanation, please, I’d like to hear it.

Posted by unconvinced  on  02/06  at  04:02 PM

Worst. Article. Ever.

Posted by Michael Bauers  on  02/06  at  04:16 PM

Some of these comments fly in the face of what electrical engineers tell us.

Silver is atomic, we talk about silver atoms, not molecules.  Somehow the size of the molecules affects the frequency response curve?  He should publish a source for that astonishing factoid.

Posted by Mark  on  02/06  at  04:51 PM

Have you ever actually seen a print copy of EH? It is basically a glossy conglomeration of ads and puff pieces for High-End Integrators. I bought an issue quite a while back when I first got interested in the subject of Home Automation, thinking that there will be excellent information on wire gauges, speaker placement, touch panel choices and compatible equipment, amongst other useful tips for the DIY. Nope. It is mainly just ad space.

Posted by Bud  on  02/06  at  05:12 PM

Pure, unadulterated bull!

Posted by huntrm  on  02/06  at  05:27 PM

I once had a subscription to this magazine… Once…........

It’s purely product placement catalog.  The fact that they wrote this incorrect article, and lack the basic understanding that “copper is copper” reinforces this fact.

Someone at AVSforum should remove this article from their home page!

Posted by Pete  on  02/06  at  07:18 PM

How could this possibly be on AVS’s homepage???

Posted by Branden  on  02/06  at  08:09 PM

Wow, maybe someone should talk to the graphics department.  The cables that are in this picture are SATA cables for the internals of a computer.  They have nothing to do with A/V equipment.

Posted by Fred  on  02/06  at  08:13 PM

Shame on AVSforum for linking to this tripe. Linking to accurate facts like on audioholics one week and then total marketing BS is not balanced journalism, its giving a voice to those who need not be heard.

Posted by Fred  on  02/06  at  08:17 PM

On a further note, there are 18 comments on here and it sounds like the vast majority of them were links from avsforum and every single one of them says the article is garbage and that electronic house is garbage. Nobody is attemping to support their absurd claims because they are unsupportable, and invented by the marketing staff and NOT physicists/electrical engineers.

Posted by Jeff Kalman  on  02/06  at  08:48 PM

“The cables that are in this picture are SATA cables for the internals of a computer.  They have nothing to do with A/V equipment.”

Not necessarily.  I use a PC for music storage and use a RAID 1 setup that uses SATA II cables.  So, the SATA cables are a part of my A/V system. ;)

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