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Blu-ray: What Format War?
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January 08, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
With Warner firmly in the Blu-ray corner, studio execs at CES touted all sorts of global and U.S. sales numbers to prove their point - HD DVD is dead.
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Posted by Blklacker  on  01/08  at  04:38 AM

I said it once and I said it again. HD DVD was doomed from the start and anyone that had a internet connection already knew this. So I laugh at anyone who was silly enough to spend their hard earned money on that format.  I’m so happy to see BLU take the market becuase I invested in blu from the start. Blu ray disk are larger capacity but they are also are scratch proof. The technology that blu uses is something that can be expanded on and we will see blu disk in the future even larger than what we already have now. Now HD DVD fan boys are trying to change the topic and start bringing up download able content is the next step, but I rather have my content on a physical disk. Because streaming is always compressed and quality is not reliable. Plus storing any HD required alot of space. I mean 15 movies HD requires alot of space. So nuff said blu ray has won.l

Posted by Konni  on  01/08  at  05:00 AM

The writing is on the wall for HD-DVD that is getting obvious, but since you bought a Blu-ray player from the start I assume it was the Samsung model wich was pretty buggy, I would even say that you threw you money away on a crap player. Even most of the players today wont be able to use the interactivity promised by the studios. so already you have thrown atleast $1000 dollers on a player that wont plat the advanced features. I already have the PS3 as a Blu-ray player but I will wait until final specs 2.0 player is released before I purchase a stand alone.

Posted by blklacker  on  01/08  at  05:44 AM

When i mentioned invest in BD I was actually talking about stock i invested in sony on the first word I heard of blu technology. Yes I do own a ps3 and have about 20 bd movies & games the ps3 is a wonderful player one of the best SD players and HD players on the market. I have not used any other Blu-ray players so I cant commit on their quality but I know as of right now BD standalone players are not 1,000 dollars. My friend on the other had has a HD player and finds that if his HD DVD disk get 1 scatch on them the movie will play horribly since the information is so compressed.

Posted by Paulromi  on  01/08  at  09:45 AM

I own the PS3 and the Toshiba A2 with about 20 movies in each format.  Now that Blu has more or less won the format war, I’ll just shift my purchases to 100% blu ray.  I really didn’t get on the bandwagon of picking sides - I honestly could care less.  This was surprising to me though…with all the past successes by Sony(lol) I thought HD would have won.

Posted by TN  on  01/08  at  09:49 AM

I’m with Paulromi on this one.  While I don’t yet have a PS3 or other Blu-Ray player, I do have an HD DVD player and a handful of discs.  I’m just going to keep buying HD DVDs until there’s a ‘critical mass’ of movies that I want in high-def that are Blu-Ray exclusive.  Then I’ll pick up a Blu-Ray player (hopefully at a price similar to what my HD-A3 cost) and start buying discs for that.

Posted by farawaygrover  on  01/08  at  10:08 AM


You sound fairly stupid.  “Because streaming is always compressed and quality is not reliable.” 

Downloadable content nowadays isn’t streamed; and all video is compressed as well, even your glorious blu-ray discs have compression. 

Ever heard of VC-1 or MPEG-2?  Well, those are the codecs (type of compression scheme) that most of your blu-ray movies use. 

Please, do a little research before showing everyone your ignorance.

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  01/08  at  10:23 AM

London Financial Times is suggesting that Paramount has some kind of “get out” clause from its HD DVD exclusivity deal, predicated on Warner going blu-ray.

Paramount in HD-DVD blow

If this is true, things look even grimmer for HD DVD.

I’ll invoke the hordes of HD DVD fans and say I hope it is true. I just want the war to be over; one side or the other. I’ll pull for blu-ray now just because it has the lead and seems like it winning will end the war sooner.

Posted by Gengiskwan  on  01/08  at  10:59 AM

It is a sad day indeed.  What is very frustrating is that there is only ONE unit that is currently defined (not even on the market yet - the new Panasonic BD unit) that will be BD profile 2.0 compatible.  At what cost will this player be offered?  Currently all HD DVD players provide this level of functionality at a very reasonable cost (even $99 before Christmas!).  I understand not wanting to proliferate the format war but being forced into a format that is more costly is baffling to me.  OK so the BD folks will talk about storage capability and data rates.  So what?  30GB is a lot of storage space with a 45 GB triple layer disk already approved. I have seen and heard 1080P video with Dolby TrueHD from my HD DVD player and it is excellent all from a 30GB disk!

Posted by JJ  on  01/08  at  01:42 PM

Re: Gengiskwan

The PS3 can be had for $370 and will be upgraded to fully support profile 2.0 as soon as disks start to ship that contain that profile just like it was recently upgraded by firmware to profile 1.1 ahead of the content. So Konni you can just download the upgrade you don’t need a new player.

Although most people don’t care about the special feature stuff, yes HD-DVD had more sooner, but the features are not the same and profile 2 so you aren’t really comparing apples to apples when you say HD-DVD had it first - well some of it.

I too am with Paulromi don’t really care who wins, lets just get on with it, and declare a winner so we can move on. So since Blu-Ray is currently ahead, I will support that format until something changes.

And dude, the $99 blu player will be here next christmas all you need is mass adoption which will come as soon as Tosh and MS throw in the towl.

Posted by KABSTER  on  01/08  at  02:02 PM

Sorry to say but Sony is garbage. For them to strong arm HD out of the market due to their back room deals and market capitalization of movie companies should be illegal.

Sony wants the world to be Sony. If you buy a Sony product you have to use their chips (memory cards) and the like. This is plain wrong.

I HATE SONY and I’m in the consumer electronics business and will never sell a crappy Sony product.

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  01/08  at  02:16 PM

How’s that tin-foil hat working for you, KABSTER?

Posted by Dave C  on  01/08  at  02:32 PM

Haha, good one Steve H. Kabster is one the noisy Sony haters I like to ignore but this time I will say one thing. Take a look at the Sony PS3 80Gig. Look under the little door and you will see slots that read ALL major memory cards. Look underneath and you wont find a “Sony only” connector for a mouse, wireless keyboard etc. No, shock horror, its a USB. What gives?? Looks like Sony is growing up. Maybe the Sony haters should too (good luck). gah gah goo goo :-)

Posted by KABSTER  on  01/08  at  02:34 PM

Not as well as you said it would. I want a refund. You can just paypal my refund back lol

Sony owns Sony pictures and if you don’t think they made some back room deals hahaha you need to educate yourself. Do some research.

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  01/08  at  02:36 PM

Now Bloomberg is reporting that Paramount is denying the London Financial Times rumor:

Paramount Denies Report It Will Drop Toshiba’s HD DVD

So I guess we’ll see what’s up in due time…

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  01/08  at  02:40 PM

Kabster - I’m certainly not saying no deals were made, but Toshiba & Sony are *both* making whatever deals they can afford in order to ensure their preferred format “wins.”

My (cheap, I’ll admit) crack at you was just based on your implication that Sony was the only one playing this game. If anything, Blu-Ray offers more options… watch the CES coverage and see how many manufacturers are rolling out Blu-Ray players, compared to the very limited number manufacturing HD DVD.

I just want a winner so I can start building a library of HD movies, darnit!

Posted by FoeHammer  on  01/08  at  03:03 PM

I find this article or editorial or whatever it is, a little disingenuous and definitely misleading.  Almost every writer, and for sure every Bluray supporter, includes PS3 sales numbers along with PS3 game sales into the mix when counting sales numbers of media and in the hardware sales.  The number of PS3 owners even knowing their machines play Bluray disks is VERY low and can be shown.  That shows me and any one with a spec of rational thought, that people buying Bluray for Bluray, in any hardware flavor is a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers Sony is touting.  The 10-12 year old with his new PS3 doesn’t give a flying hoot that his machine plays Bluray.  This should not be included in honest articles speaking to the rate or quantity of adoption of either media format.
I’m not a supporter of either format at this point and don’t own any hardware or media.  I’m holding out, but that doesn’t mean I agree to either side misleading the public as to its dominance or lack of dominance.  I see really NO performance difference between the two other than interactivity and that is coming for Bluray.  Sony gets its haters and much of the bad feelings towards it because enough intelligent people can see the lies and half truths.  I don’t like it and I don’t want to see it from either side.  Personally, It seems to me they are in a dead heat if you remove all, or the majority, of the PS3 numbers from the mix.  That shows me NO dominance by Bluray.  We would all be better served by the writer and publications such as EH if they spoke to these truths.

Posted by FoeHammer  on  01/08  at  03:05 PM

Here!  Here! Steve.  I agree, I want a winner, but not by one side twisting the numbers and no journalists calling them on.  Or at least very few.

Posted by KABSTER  on  01/08  at  03:06 PM

Ok Ok
I agree that they are both making deals but Sony has the upper hand because of Sony Pictures.
They drag their feet on the first roll out of HD movies so they can have a leg up with Blu Ray movies.

The reason I hate Sony is their proprietary systems (they don’t play nice with others) I remember a few years ago when Sony tried to do a bus type system that would only work with Sony products. They scrapped it due to the industry not wanting it.

I want a winner in the wars also so I can get my customers into the winning format without costing them a fortune on dual format players. I was around during the VHS/BETA wars and it wasn’t pretty for some.

Here is the scenario:
A customer buys a Sony TV because the work at a local studio and they get Sony discount. Great

They have a Kodak camera and say to me hey “can I put my SD card in my TV to view my pictures?” My reply “NO it must be a Sony camera with a SONY memory card”

I have a Clie that I bought a while ago. The ony memory that work for it is sony’s proprietary (set any price they want) memory card.

Same with most other Sony products

By the way Dave C
I bet you own all Sony garbage, good for you.
I’m in the business and in my professional opinion SONY SUCKS PERIOD
Well unless your talking Professional Cameras then I’ll give it to them for some of their pro products.

Playstation 3 hahahahahahahahahahahaha (TWO WORDS)
XBOX 360

I am a Sony h8r because of the amount of Sony products I have seen DOA or that take a crap a month or two later.

Sony of today is not the Sony of the 70’s and early eighties, Q.C. sucks and most of the consumer products I have seen are assembled in Mexico. CRAP

Posted by blklacker  on  01/08  at  03:12 PM

Hey farawaygrover boy you sure sound bitter about the HD DVD news, You can try to spin the story any way you want, Blu still won so STFU.  ALSO If you could read I was talking about streaming and down loadable content. I wasn’t talking just about streaming you nimwit. I was referring to both streaming and downloaded movies are too different types of media we all know that. If you could read maybe you would not waste your time calling people names dumbass.

Posted by Jason  on  01/08  at  03:44 PM

FoeHammer- You are actually wrong in your assumptions. I lot of PS3 owners bought them JUST to play Blu-Ray movies. I’m one of those people. The PS3 has hands down the best ongoing firmware support of any player out there so it made sense and Sony has not let us down. They continue to put out firmware updates to add functionality.

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