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Blu-ray, HD DVD Confirm Truce, Join Forces to Form ‘Blu-DVD’
April 01, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The competing high-definition DVD format supporters say they plan to release a 100-GB disc by the holiday season.
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Posted by Mac Slocum  on  03/30  at  09:29 PM

Will the Blu-DVD players have HDMI? ;)

Posted by John  on  04/01  at  08:14 AM

April Fools!! ??!?

Posted by Easter Bunny  on  04/01  at  11:03 AM

Yeah, hahahaha…April Fools!  Good one Electronic House.

Posted by dr. gonzo  on  04/01  at  09:29 PM

so is this a joke or what?

Posted by no_hi_def  on  04/01  at  09:59 PM

without the war, player will be selling for $10000 a piece.

Posted by Anonymous  on  04/01  at  11:25 PM

This site will be on my block list.

Posted by Cindy Davis  on  04/02  at  06:55 AM

Life can be very serious for many. We’re just trying to have a little fun on April Fools’ Day which happened to fall on a non-business day this year.

Cindy Davis
Electronic House

Posted by Annoyed of SW London  on  04/02  at  12:09 PM

We currently have an ongoing format war between two technologies undoubtedly causing consumers confusion, it’s a tricky time for the studios and technology manufacturers who don’t want to lose out financially and both formats potentially lay on a knife edge.

Then idiotic sites like this publish this trash using the pathetic justification that ‘it’s a non-business day’ and throw more confusion into the mix. So, you’ve never used an internet connection on a Sunday then?

Thank you, you have just justified being the epitome of the following:

1. American.

2. Humourless I.T. geeks with no connection to the real world (and yes, that is the correct spelling of humourless).

3. More foolish than the people you’d hopes to ‘fool’.

Losers, well done. I hope you’re proud.

Posted by trixie  on  04/02  at  12:57 PM

Sergeant Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis”

Posted by Bigdog  on  04/02  at  03:21 PM

That was funny… I’m laughing at all the people who can’t appreciate a good joke (maybe you don’t have April Fool’s Day on that side of the pond).

Posted by janus  on  04/02  at  06:07 PM

wtf is this….what a joke…you all shouldve known that BD already makes a 100 gig so what would it be worth to team up with Toshiba?

Posted by Jast3r Rogu3  on  04/02  at  10:41 PM

Nah Blu-ray is the future.

h-dvd R.I.P.

Posted by Annoyed of SW London  on  04/03  at  02:08 AM

I can appreciate a good joke thanks Bigdog.

This unfortunately is like a Sit-com from your ‘side of the pond’, i.e. not funny.

Posted by Charles  on  04/04  at  02:07 AM

You had us for a second! Probably because we all want so desparately for this war to be over.
Thanks for toying with our emotions.
Blu-ray, HD DVD, are you guys getting this??!!!

Posted by Damian Frost  on  04/04  at  01:31 PM

You had me until backwards compatibility list; very funny indeed.  That is one thing this generation of electronic entertainment needs is a little humor.  Very well done.

Posted by Can't get a joke  on  04/05  at  07:53 AM

Boo friggin hoo!  I am sooo confused.  I’d better block this site too… and take my ball home so none of you can play…  what… the world will go on without me?

Does any one know of a site where I can purchase some humour?

Don’t change a thing EH

Posted by Scott  on  04/06  at  12:55 AM

Ha ha nice job, you had me laughing pretty good with the backwards compatibility portion of the article.

Posted by Parker  on  04/08  at  09:40 PM

RE: Cindy Davis’ comments.  WAAAAHHH!

I hope which ever format Cindy currently has, the other one ends up winning.  That would be a hoot :-)

Posted by Cris  on  04/23  at  04:26 PM

I love the compatibility list!                                                  I can (yes I Can) believe there are people who will get upset when a funny April Fool’s day article is posted.

Get over it ... It’s FUNNY!!

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